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10 U.S. cities with spookiest and most stressful commutes.

Byline: Jayleen R. Heft,

The miles car owners put on their vechicles commuting to work each day can quickly add up and contribute to higher auto insurance premiums.

Staffing firm Robert Half surveyed workers from 27 major U.S. cities to determine how long they spend commuting to and from the office and which cities have the most stressed-out commuters.

The company commissioned an independent research firm to collect the data. More than 2,700 workers in 27 U.S. markets were surveyed to determine average commute times and the cities with the most stressful commutes. The survey was conducted in September 2017.

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Here are the top 10 U.S. cities with the spookiest commutes (in minutes):

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10. Austin, Texas

Average commute time: 51.85 minutes.

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9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Average commute time: 51.86 minutes.

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8. Los Angeles, California

Average commute time: 53.68 minutes.

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7. Boston, Massachusetts

Average commute time: 53.75 minutes.

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6. Seattle, Washington

Average commute time: 54.22 minutes.

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5. Dallas, Texas

Average commute time: 54.95 minutes.

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4. New York, New York

Average commute time: 57.92 minutes.

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3. Chicago, Illinois

Average commute time: 58.50 minutes.

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2. San Francisco, California

Average commute time: 59.20 minutes.

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1. Washington, D.C.

Average commute time: 60.42 minutes.

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Here are the rest of the cities surveyed by Robert Half with spooky commute times:

11. Houston, Texas: 50.56 minutes.

12. Atlanta, Georgia: 49.90 minutes.

13. Miami, Florida: 49.16 minutes.

14. Detroit, Michigan: 46.87 minutes.

15. Pittsbrgh, Pennsylvania: 46.38 minutes.

16. San Diego, California: 46.19 minutes.

17. Denver, Colorado: 46.11 minutes.

18. St. Louis, Missouri: 45.67 minutes.

19. Phoenix, Arizona: 45.53 minures.

20. Cincinnati, Ohio: 45.42 minutes.

21. Raleigh, North Carolina: 44.68 minutes.

22. Minneapolis, Minnesota: 43.53 minutes.

23. Indianapolis, Indiana: 43.34 minutes.

24. Charlotte, North Carolina: 42.70 minutes.

25. Cleveland, Ohio: 42.00 minutes.

26. Des Moines, Iowa: 40.94 minutes.

27. Salt Lake City, Utah: 40.41 minutes.

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Professionals with the longest commutes aren't necessarily the most anxious. When asked about their stress levels stemming from commute, here is how U.S. commuters ranked their cities, from most to least stressful:

1. Los Angeles, California.

2. Miami, Florida.

3. Austin, Texas.

4. Phoenix, Arizona.

5. San Francisco, California.

6. Houston, Texas.

7. Dallas, Texas.

8. Washington, D.C.

9. New York, New York.

10. Atlalnta, Georgia.

11. Detroit, Michigan.

12. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

13. Boston, Massachusetts | Chicago, Illinois | Denver, Colorado (3-way tie).

16. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

17. Seattle, Washington.

18. Cincinnati, Ohio.

19. San Deigo, California.

20. Charlotte, North Carolina | Raleigh, North Carolina (2-way tie).

22. Indianapolis, Indiana.

23. Salt Lake City, Utah.

24. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

25. St. Louis, Missouri.

26. Clenveland, Ohio.

27. Des Moines, Iowa.

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Here's an infographic with some of the spookiest findings:

(Source: Robert Half)

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