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1 in 5 Brit mammals are facing extinction; Shock of 1st major study since 90s.


AT least one in five mammals in Britain could end up extinct due to threats such as disease and loss of habitat, a study has found.

Red squirrels, wildcats and grey longeared bats are among the many at-risk species, the first major review since the 1990s revealed. There is just one known mouse-eared bat left in the country - dubbed "Lonesome George" after the giant Galapagos Islands tortoise who was the last of his species.

The few mammals that have increased in number in the past 20 years include deer, polecats, otters and wild boar.

Mammal Society chair Professor Fiona Mathews said: "If you look beyond the deer and the carnivores, it's difficult to 1 see many native species that look like they are doing well or increasing."

The Mammal Society-led study, commissioned by Natural England, examined 1.5 million mammal records including from "citizen scientists". It said around 12 out of 58 native, "naturalised", introduced duced species faced extinction. Other threats included loss of ancient woodland and the arrival of predators.

Prof Mathews called for funding to obtain more accurate research. She said: "We need to stop thinking of wildlife as something that happens elsewhere."

duced loss and dtl a Greater Mouse-eared bat in Britain.. known as Lonesome George 1


WILD CAT Creature is among many at risk

RED SQUIRREL Native species faces threats such as disease

Population does not seem to rise GREY LONG EARED BAT

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Jun 13, 2018
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