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1 Vapor Trail[R] Limb Driver[TM] Pro-V.

* Limb-driven, easy setup without a press

* Supports arrow through 70% of shot cycle

* Available in 15 color combinations

Improve your accuracy with the Vapor Trail Limb Driver Pro-V rest ($134.99). With a free-floating head and adjustable spring tension, this drop-away rest is limb rather than cable-driven. It supports your arrow for nearly 70% of the shot cycle, so your arrow is able to achieve the speed necessary to stabilize before the support is pulled away by the limb. It weighs 3 oz., is available in 15 color combinations, and can even be customized with your name, favorite logo, or saying. Contact: Vapor Trail, Inc., (763) 862-8870,

Brian Fortenbaugh

Assistant Editor

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Title Annotation:What's New
Author:Fortenbaugh, Brian
Date:Sep 1, 2017
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