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Byline: Annie Brown

MORE than half of you who answered Scotland's biggest sex survey have cheated on who gest d on their partners.

And men were more than twice as likely to be unfaithful as women.

In the Big Sex Survey published in today's Daily Record, adultery is a key factor in ending relationships.

Our research reveals not just what is going on between the sheets but what at but your attitudes to everything from how often we have sex to body image, sexual health and promiscuity.

And we reveal the dramatic impact the explosion in social networking has had on your dating habits and sex life, how the safe sex message is failing to get through and how a quarter of our survey were under age when they lost their virginity.


Our survey was pored over by Daily Record agony aunt Coleen Nolan and columnist Joan Burnie.

Coleen, whose ex-husband Shane Richie had a long-term affair, said she wasn't shocked men were more unfaithful than women.

She said: "Whether we like it or not, I think men can separate sex and love in a way that most women can't.

"For a women to have an affair, it is normally because there are problems in a relationship or they really fancy someone.

"For men it is different. It is often just about sex. After all, most men before they are married can have a one night stand and not know the girl's name."

But if it is any consolation two thirds of men said they felt guilty after they were unfaithful, compared with 55per cent of women.

A quarter of the 2260 people surveyed use online dating sites but half of them had a bad experience with someone they met.

Five of the women said they had been raped by someone they met online and six said they had been stalked.

Surprisingly very few - less than one in 10 - would end a relationship if the sex was poor. Joan said: "Maybe we're more tolerant of each other's failings than we think or sex isn't quite as important as some would have it."

When it came to fantasies, most of us lust after work colleagues but for men the ideal woman was Kelly Brook while for women it was George Clooney.

But we are a nation unhappy with our bodies - almost two-thirds said only losing weight would make them confident.


EXPOSED Survey reveals saucy side
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Mar 24, 2012
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