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1,800 Through the Roof! For the first time in a decade, NAMA membership now exceeds 1,800! Thank you to the committed members and volunteers who continue to make NAMA such a vibrant agri-marketing community.

NAMA 2012


National President Beth Burgy, Broadhead, (612) 617-7947,

President Elect

Paul Redhage, FMC Agricultural Products, (636) 742-2539,


Kenna Rathai, Kenna B. Rathai Communications, (815) 422-0321,

Sally Behringer, MustangRED Communications, (785) 218-9759,

Amy Bradford, GROWMARK, Inc., (309) 557-6116,

Matt Coniglio, Farm Progress, (717) 612-0245,

Marvin Kokes, Natl. Cattlemen's Beef Assn., (303) 850-3339,

Rebecca Peterson, Farm Credit Services, (701) 663-6487,

Chuck Zimmerman, ZimmComm New Media, LLC, (573) 896-5842,


BADGER, Jenny Dierickx, (608) 212-0173

CAROLINASNIRGINIA, Brian Rund, (919) 379-2510

CHESAPEAKE, Kathy Zimmerman, (410) 313-6500

CHICAGO, Rosemary Schimek, (630) 462-2866

CORNBELT, Patty Kisner, (515) 327-3510

DESERT SOUTHWEST, Kerry Moncur, (480) 213-6075

EASTERN, Ben Church, (973) 660-5878

FLORIDA, Lyn Cacella-DuBois, (561) 965-9001

GATEWAY, Mandy Heth, (314) 227-4626

GREAT PLAINS, Sarah Farlee, (620) 227-1872

HEARTLAND, Lisa Rigoni, (217) 241-7953

IOWA, Jessica Reis, (641) 621-8339

MID-AMERICA, Megan Sheridan, (765) 494-8151

MIDLANDS, Doug Carr, (402) 489-2121

MIDSOUTH, Emily Dahlbeck, (901) 371-6872

MISSOURI-KANSAS, Tyler Kelley, (816) 410-5152

NORTH CENTRAL, JoDee George, (952) 346-6117

NORTHERN PRAIRIE, Leah Brakke, (701) 361-2766

OHIO, Mike Krouse, (419) 532-3130

ROCKY MOUNTAIN, Daren Williams, (303) 850-3346

SOUTHEASTERN, Kim Maloney, (404) 487-6117

SOUTHWEST, Cheri Knoy, (972) 424-6457

WESTERN PACIFIC NAMA, Greg Hains, (503) 385-4897

*Updated as chapter presidents are elected


Rachel Adams, Two Rivers Marketing, referred by Greg Ehm

Casey Allen, Gibbs & Soell, Inc.

Ash Alt, AGCO, referred by Laura Lines

Sara Avoledo, Annex Business Media, referred by Diane Kleer

Heather Baumgardner, Fastline Publications, referred by Keith Allen

Julie Bozich, AgChoice Farm Credit, referred by Alexa Stoner

Jon Brakebill, Filament Marketing, LLC

Tracy Brunet, Farm Marketer. Com

Ernest Cardinale, Natural Industries, referred by Damon Meinholdt

Ericka Chance, Sullivan Higdon & Sink

Larry Childs, Fastline Publications, referred by Keith Allen

Lori Condon Grant, Applied Art & Technology, referred by Amber Harrison

Robyn Conrad, Michelin North America

Toni Czajka, Bader Rutter & Associates, Inc.

Alison Darby, AGCO Corporation

Ralph deVries, Becker Underwood

David Dickey, FLM, referred by Laurie Fleck

Jody Donohue, Livestock Marketing Association

Brian Dunay, Meister Media Worldwide, referred by Michael DeLuca

Mary Eisenzimmer, 21st Century Equipment

Jody Estensen, Broadhead

Katie Gehrt, Alltech

Debbie Gibbs, Penton Media/Farm Press, referred by Cheri Knoy

Lee Gray, Agvantis, referred by Susan Armstrong

Leandra Grissom, BASF

Lindsey Hankes, Kleine Equipment, Inc.

Sarah Harris, Farm Credit Bank of Texas, referred by Lora Blume

Mandy Hazlett, National FFA Organization

Jeff Hemeyer, United Suppliers, Inc.

Tim Hess, Fastline Publications, referred by Keith Allen

Heather Hetterick, Ohio Ag Net/ Ohio's Country Journal

Tracey Higgins, PBI Gordon, referred by Jeff Winton

Danika Hoffmann, The Lacek Group

Anne Howden Thompson, Ontario Farmer

Shawna Hubbard, Dow AgroSciences, referred by Susan Carney

April Jackman, Pioneer Hi-Bred Shellie Male, StollerUSA

Laura Marks, Livestock Marketing Association, referred by Kristen Parman

Michele McCawley, Morgan&Myers, referred by Ellen LaRose

Rob Merritt, Rhea + Kaiser

Patricia Morrow, BASF

Emily Negrin, Weber Shandwick

Melissa Noftsger, Koch Agronomic Services, LLC

Emily Page, Agriculture Future of America

Diane Pederson, Cargill

Jeffrey Peterson, Michael Best & Friedrich

Jacob Piel, Novus International, Inc., referred by Amy Barron

Dimitri Popov, Pfizer Animal Health, referred by Michelle Tollefson

Ginger Price, Koch Agronomic Services, LLC

Mary Sawyer, Brighton Agency

Kerry Spencer, Kansas Farm Bureau, referred by John Shostak

Pam Strifler, Monsanto, referred by Gary Sakin

Jill VanDerPol, Two Rivers Marketing, referred by Greg Ehm

Leslie Wagner, Southern Peanut Growers, referred by Heidi Nelson

Paul Welbig, Raven Industries

Bob West, Meister Media Worldwide, referred by Michael DeLuca

Jan Westfall, Great Bend Farm & Ranch Expo, referred by John M. Jackson

Charles Whitt, Becker Underwood, referred by Charlie Hale

Tom Wilson, Monsanto, referred by Gary Sakin

Chris Wilson, Food and Agriculture Network

Melanie Wilt, Wilt Public Relations

James L. Winter, ECOLAB INC., referred by Gary Vorpahl

Ashley Wolf, Pioneer Hi-Bred

Kathy Wood Presbaugh, Scarborough Specialties, referred by Nancy Gill

Kevin Yaworsky, Top Crop Manager

Stephanie Zumbach, Becker Underwood


The NAMA App is now available for Blackberry and Android Tablet.

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Date:May 1, 2012
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