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1,200-square-foot all-in-one room ... trusses do it.

1,200-square-foot all-in-one room . . . trusses do it

"An exercise in reduction' is how architect Ilan Baldingerdescribes his house in Tempe, Arizona. Its elegant simplicity belies the lacework of trusses that support the roof and allow the 28- by 40-foot great room.

In Baldinger's house, private areas are isolated from each other.At one end are two children's bedrooms separated by an adjoining bath. In a similar configuration at the other end are the master bedroom and a guest room-home office. The main space provides everything else, with only two built-in cabinets and a change from tile to carpeting to differentiate areas.

The strikingly simple plan works because of the scale andopenness of the great space. The roof crowning the expansive room seems to have no visible means of support on the north and south walls, where glass meets the ceiling plane.

How does the roof stay up? Prefabricated trusees run across theroom, attaching to concrete beams that were cast in place atop masonry walls. Wiring, lights, and ducts were threaded through the trusses before the gypsum-board ceiling was put up. The carefully engineered exposed-concrete beams easily carry the roof load for the 38- by 72-foot house.

On the street side, high windows provide adequate light, suncontrol, and privacy. In the back, windows and sliding glass doors open to a terrace by the pool. On both sides of the house, windows are recessed 5 feet to keep sun off the glass.

Photo: "All-in-one' room combines kitchen, dining, living, family areas; sink counter and tall appliance module are the only dividers

Photo: Windows and doors are recessed so high sun doesn't hit glass

Photo: Trusses rest atop exterior walls; built-ins divide floor space
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Title Annotation:Ilan Baldinger's home
Date:Apr 1, 1987
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