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1,001 Old-Time Garden Tips: Timeless Bits of Wisdom on How to Grow Everything Organically from the Good Old Days When Everyone Did. (Books).


Long before pesticides, tractors, and leaf-blowers--not to mention hundreds of gardening reference books--gardeners and farmers had their own methods for tilling the earth. This collection of tips and techniques from the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries addresses ways to deal with insects, varmints, the weather, plant diseases, and other crop foes. With chapters dedicated to flowers, herbals, and vegetables, this book has a wealth of practical advice, recipes, and garden-design tips. Editor's notes provide context and sources for further information. Originally published in hardcover in 1997. Rodale Pr, 2003, 342 p., illus., paperback, $16.95.
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Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 24, 2003
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