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The teenager shot by crack undercover troops was under arrest in hospital last night as details of the deadly ambush emerged.

Gareth Doris, 19, was wounded in the stomach when the SAS-style soldiers opened fire one minute after an IRA gang hurled a bomb at a police base in Ulster.

It blew a hole in the perimeter fence of the fortified base at Coalisland, Co Tyrone. Doris fell under a hail of gunfire from the sharpshooters - believed to be members of an anti-terrorist squad known as Int (Intelligence) 14.

He underwent surgery in South Tyrone Hospital at Dungannon and was expected to be transferred, under armed guard, to a secure unit at the Musgrave Park military hospital in Belfast.

Police were questioning two local men over Wednesday night's attack. The troops wore civilian clothes and caps with the word `Army' on the front.

They fired shots in the air to keep an angry crowd at bay in the fiercely nationalist area.

Two women were hurt by plastic bullets fired by RUC officers.

Last night, as police launched an investigation into the explosion and shooting, republicans claimed it was a return to a shoot- to-kill policy by security forces in Northern Ireland.

Independent councillor Jim Canning said the soldiers were screaming at the crowd.

He added: "They were threatening to shoot anybody who moved. All this was going on while a young man lay shot on the ground.

"There were more than a dozen undercover troops who sped off in un-marked cars and threw rocket-type crackers out the windows as they left."

Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness called it "an unprovoked murderous attack".

Local priest Father Seamus Rice said his car was hit by a bullet fired by the security forces. He added: "I could have been killed."

The wounded youth is a cousin of Provo gunman Tony Doris, who died in an SAS ambush in Co Tyrone six years ago as he drove on a murder mission with two other IRA men.

Coalisland locals said Gareth and Tony lived in the same neighbourhood and knew each other well.

Another cousin, Brendan Doris, said Gareth denied being a terrorist.

THE dramatic SAS-style ambush unfolded like this:

9.40pm: Bomb goes off outside the heavily-fortified RUC security base in the centre of Coalisland, Co Tyrone.

The device, believed to have been thrown by an IRA gang, leaves a hole in the perimeter fence 10 feet off the ground. Police say 1kg of high explosive was used.

9.41pm: Witnesses hear high- velocity shots ring out as undercover soldiers wearing baseball caps emerge from the shadows.

They open fire with handheld Browning pistols and Heckler and Kock sub- machine guns.

Teenager Gareth Doris is shot and wounded in the stomach.

9.43pm: Hundreds of angry locals converge on the scene.

The undercover squaddies fire live rounds in the air to keep the crowd back.

9.50pm: Police arrive on the scene as the crowd surge forward.

The RUC fire plastic bullets to quell growing anger among onlookers.

10.00pm: Under- cover team pull out, allegedly dropping crackers as they speed off in unmarked cars.

10.10pm: Police continue to struggle with increasingly angry crowd.
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Author:Hanna, Conor
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Mar 28, 1997
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