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08 Capital of Unity; Voice of the ECHO.

IF it takes an outgoing prime minister to bang heads together and cut the internal sguabbling out of Capital of Culture, then so be it.

Tony Blair, meanwhile, is in no doubt: Liverpool is the prime example of a revived British city during his 10 years in Downing Street, and it WILL host a fabulous 08 celebration.

Nor will it be lost on the prime minister that although all of Liverpool's MPs are Labour, city affairs during the same period have been in the charge of the Liberal Democrats.

Obviously, the man with the Scouse wife was taking in the bigger picture when his farewell road show called into town.

He rightly called for an end to the type of fall-out which could blight an otherwise upbeat and glorious display of Liverpool's innovation, creativity and internationally welcoming spirit.

The prime minister implied that some internal disputes are par for the course. But he went further: he touched on the still delicate matter of balance between "the top end and the bottom end of the cultural market."

That may be summarised as opera and symphonies versus community projects and free-access populist public events.

The truth is that a fully-fledged capital of culture programme will contain all these things-and more.

The vital litmus tests will be the inherent value to future generations and whether life improves in some way for the individual citizen.

That can only be achieved through consultation, co-operation and general goodwill, irrespective of personal political persuasions.

There is only one viable course from this day forward.

One of unity, where bygones are bygones and all that matters is making Capital of Culture next year's greatest show on earth.

Champion of Liverpool since 1879

The PM was taking in the bigger - picture '
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jun 15, 2007
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