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00087719 Provide operational support to assist OSASG in the implementation of its activities to further the political process during the transition period.

Partner(s): UNDP Joint Programme

Funding Source(s): Other Donors

Countries of Delivery: Yemen

Sector(s): 152 Conflict prevention and resolution, peace and security

Project Duration: 01-Oct-2013 to 30-Sep-2014

Total Funded Amount: US$ 1,089,709

Total Delivery: US$ 44,696

Project Details: 00087719 Provide operational support to assist OSASG in the implementation of its activities to further the political process during the transition period, specifically in respect of the Southern issue in respect to the involvement of women and youth.

The project is designed to promote the engagement of the population in the south of Yemen in the country s political transition and support for the outcomes of the National Dialogue and Constitutional Process. This will be achieved by supporting the peaceful resolution of grievances in the South through the provision of technical assistance to two presidential Commissions on Land and Civil Service, and the enhancement of UN s monitoring and engagement capacity with political and social developments in the South. PBF outcome: Promote coexistence and peaceful resolution of conflict Activities designed to respond to imminent threats to the peace process, support for the implementation of peace agreements and political dialogue, in particular in relation to strengthening of national institutions and processes set up under those agreements The outcomes of the project are: 1. Active, peaceful and constructive engagement of Southern factions in political transition 2. Solutions to Land and civil service related grievances implemented and accepted Project Outputs and key Activities: For outcome 1, the outputs of the project are: Increased analytical and monitoring capacity to understand grievances and anticipate conflict Increased presence and engagement of all Southern factions in the ND, constitutional and electoral processes Activities in support of these outputs are: Establishment of permanent UN political presence in Aden (colocation with UN agency) Engagement with Southern factions (meetings, facilitation), community and political leaders, and civil society Collection of information and production of regular analytical reports For outcome 2, the outputs of the project are: Capacity of the Land Commission augmented Capacity of the Civil Service Commission augmented Activities in support of these outputs are: Provision of technical expertise to the Presidential Commissions for the development of policy frameworks, work plans, communication strategies, fundraising options, etc. Access by the Commissions to substantive experts Provision of political support to the work of the Commissions, including advocacy to political factions and donors. Project implementation modalities: Implementation modalities will consist of direct execution by UNOPS, under the direction of the Project Board (see below), including the recruitment of UN staff in the South, the deployment of technical experts to the

country :Denmark

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Feb 24, 2014
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