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0.5 Megawatt, ultra-wideband pulse generator.

The model BASS-01X compact, high power, ultra-wideband pulse generator produces a 0.5 MW, 600 ps pulse using a 5 kV pulse into a 50 [Omega] load. The pulse exhibits low jitter, 10 ps RMS (typ) and is packaged in a small volume. The pulse generator measures 3.5" x 3.5" x 9" and weighs less than 5.5 pounds. This module produces a video pulse waveform, as shown in Figure 1. This waveform has a fast leading edge of less than 120 ps, which provides an ultra-wideband frequency spectrum, extending from DC to over 3 GHz. Figure 2 shows output spectral density. The unit should be operated into a 50 [Omega] load for best performance and reliability. A schematic diagram of the pulse generator is shown in Figure 3.

This product is founded upon this company's patented bulk avalanche semiconductor switch (BASS [TM]), fabricated in an in-house Class 10 clean room. The BASS is a die of semi-insulating GaAs that has the capability to hold off in excess of 10 kV. The device is triggered by an optical source, contained within the 01X module. This source provides just enough optical energy to begin an avalanche current gain, which is the mechanism that provides the high efficiency, high speed switching obtained with the BASS. The maturation of this technology has allowed for the development of compact, high power, ultra-wideband pulse sources. Typical switching time into a matched load is [less than]100 ps.

In addition to the BASS device, the BASS-01X module contains all the necessary supplemental circuitry to operate the device reliably. This includes a laser diode and driver circuit, a high voltage modulator package, timing circuitry and all the necessary power conversion, including the high voltage required by the BASS device. These modules require only +28 V DC input, with a power consumption of only 3.5 W. The needed voltages are generated within the module. The small power draw allows the user to operate the module from battery power for field testing. Selected specifications of the pulse generator are listed in Table 1.


The unit is delivered with an external switch that allows operation in two different modes. In one setting, the module is self-triggered, providing a fixed 1 kHz repetition rate. The second setting allows the unit to be triggered with an external TTL pulse. The user controls the repetition rate from single shot up to 1 kHz. An output sync connector is provided so the system can be timed to the 01X pulse generator.

This module type can be used with a variety of applications requiring high voltage, ultra-wide-band capabilities. Applications vary from providing a trigger to streak cameras or pockel cells to directly driving antennas for generation of ultra wide bandwidth radar pulses. These units can be operated as a single unit or joined together to provide a higher power source. Custom configurations of single units or multielement arrays are available. Price: $12,000. Delivery: stock (single units) to 120 days (small quantities).

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Publication:Microwave Journal
Date:Sep 1, 1993
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