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.30-06 UNI Classic 180-Grain bullets: from RWS and Distributed by Fiocchi of America. Inc.

To achieve the extra penetration hunters need to reliably take tough, thick-skinned medium to larger game. RWS engineers have developed the .30-06 UNI 180-Grain cartridge that ideally combines the desired attributes of delayed shock and increased penetration. RWS has achieved these attributes in the UN Classic by constructing it of two lead cores of different hardness--a softer lead tip core which is united with a harder, heavier lead core in the bullet's rear. The mating of the two cores is enclosed by a nickel-plated jacket that becomes gradually thicker towards the rear. The bullet's torpedo-shaped tail with its large surface area improves the bullet's external ballistics by lending a high degree of flight stability. Then, the heavy core drives the bullet with impressive penetrating force. The softer front tends not to begin expansion until it has penetrated well inside the game animal. This delayed shock effect makes the RWS UNI Classic much more effective on medium to larger game than conventional bullets. Contact: Fiocchi of America. Inc., 6930 N. Fremont Road. Ozark, MO 65721. (702) 293-6174. Fax: (702) 293-3259

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Title Annotation:NEW PRODUCTS
Publication:Guns Magazine
Date:Sep 1, 2008
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