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..Je suis un choc star.

THE splendidly-named Hank Marvin Sandwich Shop in Canley has come up with a hit recipe worthy of the legendary Shadows' guitarist.

It's not a Chi-Apache sandwich in honour of the group's n THE call biggest hit, nor is it a Wonderful Slice in recognition to their role in Cliff's movie Wonderful Life.

But the "Shimmy, a chocolate bar of your choice, like a Mars Bar or Bounty, blended with scoops of Cornish ice-cream to make a calorie-boggling thick shake.

Some hard-core fans opt for the jammy-dodger/ice-cream mix.

Shop owner Sean Feenan was shaken himself when he sold a 1,000 within weeks of opening his business in Prior Deram Walk last July.

sent busiest it. But the Sean, 33, who lives in the area and once managed a barbers on the site, said: "The Shimmy Shake is the most popular thing here."

have been subject by When he looked for a change of career he remembered that as a schoolboy at Bishop Ullathorne he and his Canley pals had to cycle to the A45 before reaching a sandwich shop.

So he decided to set one up on his home turf - bang opposite a new park under construction.

But why Hank Marvin? "I wanted a different name, something that meant hungry, not just the Sandwich Bar or something like that.," he said.

"I used to sometimes say when a I was starving, I was 'Hank Marvin', it's Cockney rhyming slang. My dad said, 'that's it, that your name,' and we went for it.".

And with that he twisels round to show the slogan printed on his company t-shirt: "When you're hungry or starving, think Hank Marvin."

calorie-Some the jammy-mix.

? THE call for silence in the library has extended to staff at Earlsdon Library, Red Button's mole behind the bookshelves reports.

The city council's admission that Shop was he million slashing of public spending has sent shock waves through what is one of the busiest Mole said: "Lots of residents have signed it. But when staff are asked for information on the nothing. In fact, they admit that they have been given no information on this sensitive subject by the council officers. "


Sean Feenan ourside Hank Marvin and (right) two customers get stuck in n

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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Jan 30, 2015
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