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...and in urine.

... and in urine

A quick, low-cost, high-pressure gas chromatography test for identifying nicotine in urine has been developed for State Farm Insurance Co. to help detect "cheaters" -- smokers who apply for low-cost health insurance by claiming they don't smoke. According to its developer, David Bailey, head of the chemistry department at Illinois Wesleyan University in Bloomington, this test can identify whether an individual has smoked in the past 24 to 36 hours. Bailey expects it to be used as an unannounced addition to the normal battery of medical tests required of all new insurance applicants.

To date it has been tested on more than 600 urine samples without giving a single false positive identification, Bailey reports. At full speed the system can analyze 200 samples daily--about four times more than alternative nicotine-in-urine tests. And with further refinement Bailey expects the test to cut the technician processing time per sample in half again, to about 45 seconds.

Passive smokers can relax: Bailey says the detection limit on his system of 100 micrograms of nicotine per liter of urine is less sensitive, by a factor of 10, than what would be needed to find nicotine in the urine of nonsmokers who live or work with even heavy smokers.
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Title Annotation:measuring nicotine in urine
Author:Raloff, Janet
Publication:Science News
Date:Apr 26, 1986
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