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... and greener tyres.

Green cars are getting greener tyres in Japan.Toyo Tire & Rubber has introduced the Proxes Ne range of tyres specifically for environmentally oriented cars, which have lower rolling resistance but also have improved manufacturing eco credentials. The tyres are said to be the first anywhere using recycled polyester for the carcass. SupplierTeijin Fibers says that until now recycled materials were unable to meet the strict requirements of tyre carcass fabric.

The polyester fibres from Teijin's subsidiary Union Tire Cord are made from EcoPet Plus polyester, produced through Teijin's Eco Circle closed-loop recycling system. This is a chemical recycling technology which Teijin says offers the purity of products derived directly from petrochemicals, but with an 80 per cent reduction in energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions.

The fibres have a gauge of 1,670 decitex and Teijin expects to produce 10 tonnes--enough for .50,000 tyres--a month this year rising to 30 tonnes a month in 2011.
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Title Annotation:reclamation & recycling
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Apr 1, 2009
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