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... Letter from the deputy editor.

Hello Everybody!

Happy 100th--Or is it?

We made it. Issue 100. Although if you can believe it, (and I scarcely can,) it is not actually Issue 100, but Issue 652. I have been thinking a lot about that since penning the centre page article on the history of IDMi and its forerunning titles. It really needs some forensic activity to be performed to confirm the actual/real issue number. That subject will be exhumed once we move offices though. Upheaval beckons.

Moving On Up

Yes, we are finally on the move. IDMi Towers is to relocate to the Scottish Highlands, to the highest village in the Highlands in fact, and for IDMi, a much larger workspace. Mrs B is going to run a Bed & Breakfast there too, so it will be hard work to pack, move, and set up office and a B&B almost from scratch. It was 2 years ago when we first mooted a move was on the cards, but getting the right mix of property has been tricky, and not without a few false starts along the way when we really thought we had it nailed.

Testing Times

We managed to get a Flip-Pal mobile scanner to review. I think you will find the results interesting, not least because of the amazing image stitching software bundled with the little beast. From now and on into 2018 and beyond, IDMi want to do more of this sort of reporting. So, if your company has hardware or software you might like reviewed in IDMI, please get In touch.

Of Historical Interest

Going back to the first paragraph and my mention of the issue number. We now have a plethora of information available on all four publications which make up the IDMi history. We have had all available paper copies scanned and OCR'd, and intend producing a database which will allow access to relevant articles going right back to the late 60's. The thought Is that this information provides a unique insight into the microfilm and document management industries, and could prove to be a valuable resource for researchers on many subjects.

I had a call a few weeks back from someone asking about Anacomp. They had a relative who used to work for the company and for the persons 75th birthday, they wanted to reproduce and frame an advert from around the time their relative retired from the company. A unique present, and one of many situations where our history can be of value to others. More on the database once we have it compiled.


Our intention is to bring you more of the same as well as some new features as we hurtle towards 2018. It seems we have hardly had time to draw breath this year, and suspect/hope it may have been like that for your company too. The BBC reported this week that consumer spending was down on last year, but I know that businesses around the industry are reporting being much busier, and more importantly, more profitable than of late. Long may that continue.

To assist, we will be bringing out our 2018 Media Pack as soon as possible, in the hope you will find something of interest in there to allow you to advertise with us. We cater for all budgets. Even if you are resigned to paying for the ad out of the tea money, there are always special deals to be had.

Editorially there will be some changes too, with more technical articles on how to do things, more equipment and software reviews, and of course with support from all our friends in the industry, a constant stream of articles, white papers, case studies, and importantly--news. Keep it all coming.

As Always

A big thank you to all our advertisers. Call them, visit them, ask them questions, read their ads, write to them, email them, buy stuff from them, go to their events! We need them, and they need you, so they deserve the attention of all of us.

John Baker, Deputy Editor

Editors Note: For space reasons, 'Lifting the Lid' (system analysis) and the World of Scanning series of articles will both continue in IDMi:101.
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Author:Baker, John
Publication:IDMi (Information & Document Management International)
Date:Sep 2, 2017
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