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... It's the humidity!

When it comes to corrosion ruining weapons stored in the arms room, it's not the heat, it's the humidity. Humidity causes moisture to build up on and in weapons. And then corrosion is close behind. If the corrosion is not cleaned off, soon you need a new rifle or machine gun.

One good way to fight humidity is with a dehumidifier, NSN 4440-00-566-0616. At less than $150, it quickly pays for itself if it helps prevent just one weapon from being ruined by corrosion.

But--and this is a big but--the dehumidifier will only help if it's emptied on a regular basis. How often will depend on how humid it is where you're operating. Someplace like Louisiana may require daily emptying of the dehumidifier. And if you, the armorer, are gone for days or weeks, you need to have someone emptying the dehumidifier in your absence. Once a dehumidifier is full it stops pulling moisture from the air.

Weapons should always be lubed for storage. Also, don't store weapons with the barrel caps on. The caps trap moisture inside the weapon.

Weapons TMs say you can store weapons for up to 90 days without cleaning, lubing and PMCS if they're not fired. But even if you have a humidifier, weapons need to be checked at least monthly for signs of corrosion, especially in humid areas. If you wait three months to check, it may be too late.
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