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... And hold the salt!

Just as the body needs sugar, it also needs salt-so how do we know if we're getting enough salt when pursuing a rigorous low-sodium diet?

Not to worry! Researchers at the Moneli Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, as reported in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, put a college students on a diet extremely low in sodium and, to make matters worse, then gave them diuretics. During the 10-day experiment, each lost an average of 7,700 mg of sodium. When then presented with a variety of dietary choices, they showed little interest in sweets, such as ice cream. Instead, they opted for such things as olives, ham, and potato chips.

Just as salty foods enhance our desire for the water we need to maintain fluid balance, so does a lack of salt increase our appetite for the foods that will provide what we need. We are indeed "fearfully and wonderfully made."
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Title Annotation:lack of salt increases appetite for salty foods
Publication:Medical Update
Date:May 1, 1991
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