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Byline: SusanLee

.I HAVE a very sweet tooth but even Midsomer Murders is too sickly for me. So I've been a bit taken aback about the unpleasant row that's developed after the show''s producer Brian True-May told the Radio Times why, over the 14 years of the drama, all the leading characters have been white. "We just don''t have ethnic minorities involved because it wouldn''t be the English village with them." Hmm. As I understand it this rural idyll has a murder rate to rival the most troubled of inner city areas yet in the cause of 'reality' there are no black or Asian faces to be seen on the village green? Factually, he maybe correct.

In real chocolate box villages in the Cotswolds or Sussex ethnic minorities are nowhere to be seen.

That, however, doesn't make it right. Mr True-May has been naive in the extreme if he thought his comments weren't going to be jumped on as racist.

To suggest the show's success is linked to its racial make-up will also offend many. So, ridiculously improbable murders at a dizzying rate? Fine. Believable non-white characters? Not fine.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Mar 18, 2011
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