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-on for Oklahoma couple.

Daytime television has the power to change lives--and, apparently, to help end them.

On March 4, district attorney Gene Haynes of Mayes County, Okla., said he would not press charges against Teri Lynn Carver, who fatally shot her husband after they watched an episode of "Montel Williams."

Cecil Crower died Feb. 24 of a gunshot to the chest. His wife told authorities the two began arguing while smoking marijuana and watching the show.

When she was arrested, Carver had an abrasion on her head and claimed her husband hit her and fired a shot at her. She shot back.

Apparently Carver began pointing out the similarities between her husband and some of the subjects on the show.

The episode: "Surviving a Lover's Attack."

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Title Annotation:Ouch Potatoes; Teri Lynn Carver case
Author:Gray, Timothy M.
Article Type:Brief Article
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Date:Mar 8, 2004
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