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-Turkish government restores monuments.

Travel Business Review-June 21, 2013--Turkish government restores monuments(C)2013] ENPublishing -

Travel Business Review - 21 June 2013

The Turkish government has restored monuments to encourage tourism to the nation.

The government is focussing on mosques and structures in Erzurum and its surroundings and the restorations have had a positive affect on the city's tourism potential. With the latest mosque, han and madrasa restorations, Erzurum is well set to attract religious tourism enthusiasts

A total of five mosques have been restored in Erzurum, and a number of madrasas. Restoration works have also increased interest in historic structures, and many of those in the eastern provinces on the Silk Road have been restored, while many more are awaiting restoration. The government has said that the effort put in to restoring the buildings is being justified by a greater number of tourists showing an interest in the city following the work.

An official with the government said, 'These artefacts are very important in terms of religious tourism. With the restoration works we are also working on urbanisation and how to make the city more beautiful. They need to be reorganised and remade. We have opened the environs and reorganised the area and also we have created a place where it possible to show those artefacts.'

The official added, 'there are five districts in Erzurum, and in these districts a total of 22 works have been restored. In the centre of the city, mosques have been restored. We are currently working on the restoration of Igdir's Werder Caravanserai. There is also Askale Karasu Han. There are 35 madrasas in Erzurum and the surrounding area.'

The Turkish Culture Ministry is also planning to restore the Georgian Oshki Church in the eastern province of Erzurum's Camliyamac village. The Georgian King Kurapalat Adarnese's sons, David and Prince Bagralt, built the church between 963 and 973.

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Publication:Travel Business Review (TBR)
Date:Jun 21, 2013
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