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-Report Encourages Airports to Change into Mini Cities to Reduce Customer Frustration.

Travel Business Review-May 28, 2012--Report Encourages Airports to Change into Mini Cities to Reduce Customer Frustration(C)2012] ENPublishing -

Travel Business Review - 28 May 2012

A new Report highlights changes required at airports to meet consumer demands and generate revenues through new means.

Amadeus IT Group, a US-based company and technology partner for providers, sellers, and buyers in the travel industry, has announced a new report, 'Reinventing the Airport Ecosystem' which urges airports to adopt Mini-city, Walkway, Bus Station, and Shopping Mall models to generate revenues.

The report highlights points of consumer frustration with today's airport experience, and offers a map for airports to reinvent themselves by 2025, through a new way of thinking. These ideas include-

Mini-City: airports to offer an autonomous area that includes retail, entertainment, dining, workspaces, and accommodation. The report also suggests the growing of food and the generation of energy within the Mini-City.

City Extension: Airports to become more integrated with the local city, and offer a taste of the local culture, history, and cuisine.

Shopping Mall: Airports may offer shopping, dining, and entertainment facilities which may be available to both flying and non-flying customers.

Walkway Concept: Airports may use several functions that passengers may operate from home or at a separate virtual terminal.

Bus Station Concept: A low-cost airport that offers no frills and efficient service.

The report includes 11 airport case studies including Incheon, Singapore Changi, London Gatwick, Berlin Tegel, and New York JFK airports.

Julia Sattel, the company senior vice president for Airline IT, said, 'A range of macro-trends including increasing traveller demands, new technologies, and the immediate requirement for the industry to create new revenue streams are driving the need for a fundamental rethink of the airport ecosystem. Imagine an airport where the retail experience is so impressive you choose to shop there without even flying or using an in-flight app to make purchases you can pick up once you've landed. It's an exciting future but airports, airlines, and the whole ecosystem needs to make cooperative decisions to unlock this potential.'

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Publication:Travel Business Review (TBR)
Date:May 28, 2012
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