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-RealNetworks apologises for breaching customer privacy.


A US-based company called RealNetworks, which developed the RealJukebox software that allows users to listen to music CDs on their PCs, has apologised for breaching customers' privacy. Use of the software apparently enabled RealNetworks to secretly collect information from customers, including details about what music each customer listened too and how many songs were copied. The transmission of information to the company headquarters apparently also included a serial number that identified each individual. RealNetworks claims that it never stored the information and has now released a software patch at its web site to block the tracking technology according to BBC News. RealJukebox has more than 12m registered users.

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Title Annotation:Company Business and Marketing; collected information about the people using its music software
Comment:-RealNetworks apologises for breaching customer privacy.(collected information about the people using its music software)(Company Business and Marketing)
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Date:Nov 9, 1999
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