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TELECOMWORLDWIRE--(C) 1994-9 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD PRODUCT:MORE JUMPING JAVASCRIPT PLATFORM:N/A SUPPLIER:PRENTICE HALL PRICE:US$44.99 ISBN:0-13-922832-2 Jumping JavaScript claims to be a complete reference source for web developers who wish to liven up their web sites with some active looking JavaScript. Based on the latest version of JavaScript the book assumes a degree of familiarity within previous JavaScript versions. Like so many things, JavaScript implementation is somewhat variable between the range of browsers so the author has warranted all scripts work with specific versions of Netscape - they may work on others but caveat emptor here. The book is divided into 12 chapters with two appendices, appendix A listing new features in JavaScript 1.3 while appendix B is a reference list for JavaScript. There is also a short glossary for quick checks or reviews of unfamiliar words. The examples in the book are available on an enclosed CD-ROM but also from a web page, the URL of which is provided in the introduction to the book. As such, the book is clearly written and the pages give an appealing impression as the layout is not too crowded. You need to know something about JavaScript before you use the book, however, as this is definitely not a beginner's aid. Conclusion: Appealing and easy to read once you know something about JavaScript, but no beginner's book. Review by Ann Sundqvist.

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Date:Mar 24, 1999
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