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-Holistic retreat planned in the Sahara.

Travel Business Review-January 3, 2013--Holistic retreat planned in the Sahara(C)2013] ENPublishing -

Travel Business Review - 03 January 2013

The Sahara, considered to be the world's hottest desert and almost as large as China or the United States, is to host a holistic meditation retreat.

The retreat is being operated by adventurer, Tom Thumb, who has announced details the 2013 event. Called The Road Junky Sahara Retreat, the programme will be held in the Moroccan Sahara from January 27 to February 2, 2013, making it the third time that the retreat has been held in the desert.

It is intended that travellers will use the experience to grasp a new perspective on their own lives while in the desert's isolation. The retreat is also expected to create a community of members who will naturally build long-lasting friendships, despite the trip being comparatively short.

The retreat is claimed to be unique, in that it focuses on 'mindfulness and meditation,' making it a spiritual experience for most. A former member said, 'Taking off our watches...for five days was definitely a good idea! It was immensely refreshing to live purely by the sun and moon.'

This time around, the retreat will teach techniques in meditation every morning. There will also be dance expression classes that will 'promote not only physical movement but also creativity, drawing inspiration from the shapes of the sand dunes and the sound of the wind.' Aikido workshops that are intended to sharpen decision-making skills will also be available to guests.

Every evening there will be group chats, night camps and bonfires, and traditional Moroccan cuisine will be provided, while the use of alcohol is banned.

After reaching Morocco, participants have to pay a fee of EUR295 in charges for the retreat.

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Publication:Travel Business Review (TBR)
Date:Jan 3, 2013
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