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-Barclays says hostility to banks is unhealthy.

Global Banking News-June 11, 2013--Barclays says hostility to banks is unhealthy(C)2013 ENPublishing -

Global Banking News - 11 June 2013

Barclays Plc (LSE: BARC) has said that hostility to banks was not healthy.

The second-largest bank in Britain said that the banking industry in general has been under pressure for their role in the recent financial crisis and added that it was time to allow banks some breathing space.

Barclays Plc Chairman, David Walker, said that it has become the 'political and media industry' of badmouthing banks and bankers.

He said, 'The persistence of hostility to banks and bankers, much more marked in Europe than elsewhere, is in my view seriously unhealthy. The function of banking needs to be recognised as a key contributor to recovery in a developed world, in which credit is principally extended through the banks and the market, rather than through state-run conduits.'

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Publication:Global Banking News (GBN)
Date:Jun 11, 2013
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