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-Attune RTD starts commercial production of BrioWave 175p.

International Resource News-August 8, 2012--Attune RTD starts commercial production of BrioWave 175p(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing -

International Resource News - 08 August 2012

United States-based Attune RTD (OTCBB: AURT) has started commercial production of the low cost BrioWave 175p Smart Energy Management Controllers.

The product is an Ethernet wired or wireless solution with a built in wireless dipole antenna and Wi-Fi card. It is designed to work in parallel with solar arrays, by itself as a standalone controller, or part of the home network used in collaboration with the Attune RTD residential home dashboard in the cloud controlling the home pool pump to decrease energy consumption for consumers by around 69 percent.

Shawn Davis, the companies C.E.O said, 'After two rigorous years of field testing in Texas, BrioWave technology continued to deliver savings day after day, working through the hottest consecutive temperatures in US history. BrioWave technology has more than 20,000 lines of code written by US engineers and has a proven track record of reliably delivering real dollar savings under the worst of conditions day after day as we experienced in Texas last year. This is a pivotal time period for Attune. Our goal right now is to bring this technology to market and drive more sales. These first fifty devices are either sold and pre-paid, or spoken for by our existing vendors. Our challenge right now is coming up with the capital to build out the next 950 devices so that we can continue driving sales. We have a world-class flexible and scalable platform that is different and unlike any other product in the marketplace. We are working with another utility right now to put together a pilot program for the purpose of getting the technology qualified for rebates. We have sales right now, a marketing program that we are just finishing up that should be in place by end of August, and demand for the technology is building so we are looking forward to getting information on our technology out and in front of consumers in the marketplace.'

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Publication:International Resource News (IRN)
Date:Aug 8, 2012
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