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-Anomax invents 100-watt LED bulb.

International Resource News-January 12, 2012--Anomax invents 100-watt LED bulb(C)1994-2012 ENPublishing -

International Resource News - 12 January 2012

Malaysia-based Anomax has reportedly invented a 100-watt LED bulb that uses only 12W of energy.

The company's energy efficient lights pair their patent pending IPCHS substrate technology with off-the-shelf LED diodes.

HA Chan, director of Anomax, said, 'Today's LED bulbs' bottleneck is their extremely low heat transfer (3W/mK) board that overheats the LED diodes and greatly lowers the light output. That's why brighter than 60-watt LED bulbs exist only in R&D labs and are very expensive to produce. The very high thermal transfer (30 W/mK) of IPCHS enables efficient power-to-light conversion, improving energy use by almost 50 percent.'

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Publication:International Resource News (IRN)
Date:Jan 12, 2012
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