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THE Big Chill is here folks - weathermen are warning us to wrap up against a bone-chilling - 10C today.

Normal air temperatures will be close to freezing but it will feel much colder because of strong winds.

People across many parts of the country pulled on their winter woolies yesterday as the first snowfall of winter arrived.

A Met Eireann spokeswoman said: "It will feel around - 10C on Saturday because of the winds.

"There has been snow in the Midlands and North-East because there is a very cold Arctic flow over us at the moment.

"There will also be some rain, turning to snow and sleet.

"For the next few days it will stay very cold. There will be hail, sleet and snow in the West and North-West."

Motorists had a lucky escape when a lorry, inset, packed with pre-cast concrete slid off an icy road outside Mountbellew, Co Galway, yesterday.

When the next snow falls most of it will hit high grounds but lower areas could get some flurries too.

The chilly winds will last until tomorrow when today's 5C high will rise to around 10C.

Drivers should be extra careful because severe frosts are expected to hit the roads and make them very icy.

Met forecasters have warned: "Sharp to severe ground frost will set in over a wide area and there will be a danger of icy roads.

"On Sunday winds will accompany the rain and this will keep it feeling cold, despite a rise in temperatures.

"And on Monday slight ground frost will develop in places."

The AA has advised drivers to take it easy when ice is on the cards. A spokesman said: "Driving in bad weather cannot be avoided at times.

"The advice to slow down, leave yourself more time to complete the journey and keep your distance."

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IT'S A WRAP: Winter woolies needed today' LUCKY: Lorry slips off road
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 18, 2006
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