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ANKARA, Jul 5, 2009 (TUR) -- The province of Denizli offers rich options for tourists with its historical and touristic sites.


Denizli, situated at the intersection of the Aegean, Mediterranean and Central Anatolian regions, is an historical location. Famous with its roosters, Denizli has a rich history and culture.

Denizli can be reached by air and land transportation.

At the entrance of Denizli is an inn named "Akhan" that has survived since the Seljuk era in Anatolia.

In north of Denizli, the ancient Laodikeia City is an attraction that all tourists must visit. This city is the second biggest ancient city after Ephesus. Laodikeia has a church that was mentioned in the Holy Bible.

Pamukkale and Denizli is a must see place with ancient cities of Hierapolis, Laodikeia and Tripolis, thermal springs and travertines.

Tourists planning to visit the Hierapolis Archeological Museum in Pamukkale must devote at least half a day to see the whole museum.

The Kaklik Cave in Denizli is within a protected area and is defined as "Pamukkale Underground".

The famous Karahayit thermal springs are only five kilometers away from Pamukkale. The travertines at Karahayit have a red appearance while the travertines at Pamukkale appear white.


The province of Manisa and its towns have countless historical sites. The Muradiye Mosque and complex of buildings adjacent to the mosque in Manisa are the only buildings constructed by Sinan.

Named as "Magnesia" in history, Manisa is famous with its healthy fruit paste, Sultaniye grapes and delicious kebabs.

Manisa is home to fruit paste festivals for the past 469 years.

In Salihli town of Manisa, one can see the ruins of civilizations who have lived there in the past 5,000 years. The ancient city of Sardes is located within Salihli and has one of the most important churches in western Anatolia. Sardes is known as a rich city in history with the gold mines it had.

There is a national park at Spil Mountain. The mountain offers opportunities for hiking and climbing.


The province of Afyonkarahisar is famous with its thermal springs. The occupancy rate at the thermal springs never falls below 60 percent every season.

Afyonkarahisar has one third of all beds available in the thermal spring sector in Turkey. The thermal springs in the city provide comfort and relief to patients who have muscular, breathing and heart problems.

In Sandikli town of Afyonkarahisar, thermal springs are managed by the municipality. There are mud and Turkish baths available in Sandikli. Further, tourists can make use of swimming pools and sports facilities in Sandikli.

Those travelling from Ankara to Afyonkarahisar must stop at Emirdag town and enjoy the zestful yoghurt. Tourists can purchase quality kilims and carpets as well as marble souvenirs at Emirdag.

Those who are travelling from Konya to Afyonkarahisar can stop at Sultandagi town and eat special "Napoleon" cherries.


Western province of Kutahya is among the most important touristic sites with its history, nature and health tourism.

Kutahya has been home to countless civilizations. The province is world famous with its ceramics. One can see remains from early Christian era in Kutahya.

The Roman city of Aizanoi is located in Kutahya and displays remains that are thousands of years old.

Kutahya offers dozens of thermal springs where the water temperature does not fall below 25 degrees Celsius.


The western province of Mugla is an ideal location for sea and sun lovers. Tourists can perform water sports in Mugla.

Mugla is famous with its unique plants, natural water resources and valley views.

The Sedir (Kleopatra) island of Mugla possesses the Temple of Apollo and has remains of an opera and theatre.

The town of Dalaman offers rich forests, a birds' paradise and space for hunters. Mountain villages in Dalaman are must see places for tourists.

Those visiting Dalaman must visit the surrounding islands of Yassicalar, Zeytinli, Zeysare, Domuz and Gocek. Tourists can take a "Blue Voyage" in Dalaman and stop at bays such as Sersala, Boynukbuzu, Bunyus, Kursunlu, Gobun, Siralibuk and Taskaya.

The Dalyan region of Mugla is famous with its delta formed by tectonic movements in the past millions of years and has one of the world's most unique ecosystem.

Dalyan has 167 tombs which are believed to be of ancient kings in the ancient city of Kaunos.

The beach at Fethiye was chosen the best beach of the world in 2006. Fethiye region is also ideal for owners of yachts.

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