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'Troubled' childhood to mass slaughter; TRiPLE MURDER AMONG THE MOST NOTORiOUS iN SCOTTiSH CRiMiNAL HiSTORY TiMELiNE.

1948 Robert Francis Mone born. Grows up with parents and two sisters in Dundee. Claims he had a dysfunctional home life and traumatic childhood.

1964 Mone is expelled from St John's RC Secondary by the Marist Brothers.

1966 Mone joins the Army and serves with the Gordon Highlanders in Germany.

1967 Teacher Nanette Hanson moves to Dundee from Yorkshire and starts working at St John's. Mone sent home from Germany by the Army and posted to Yorkshire. Becomes depressed.

November 1967 Mone carries out his vicous attack at his old school and Nanette is killed.

January 1968 Mone found to be severely schizophrenic and not fit to plead at trial. Declared insane, he is sent to Carstairs.

1970 Mone's soon-to-be partner in crime and gay lover Thomas McCulloch shoots a hotel chef at Erskine Bridge. Branded "an incurable psychopath", he too is sent to Carstairs where he meets Mone.

November 1976 Mone and McCulloch break out of Carstairs and embark on killing spree.

February 1977 Mone and McCulloch admit murder. Lord Dunpark makes legal history at the High Court in Glasgow by handing down Scotland's first "natural life" sentences to the pair.

June 1977 Mone is moved to Perth Prison, while McCulloch is sent to Peterhead.

October 1977 Mone complains to his dad in a letter that he has been held in solitary confinement for 10 months. Says he will take his case to the European Commission on Human Rights.

January 1979 Mone's father Christopher "Sonny" Mone murders three women. He boasted he wanted to be more famous than his son and McCulloch. Sonny sentenced to life.

May 1981 Robert Mone stages rooftop jail protest.

1983 Mone senior knifed to death in Craiginches jail in Aberdeen.

December 1992 Mone complains he has become a "stateinduced junkie" due to sleeping tablets and being in jail so long.

February 1995 Mone gets another six months added to his life sentence for attacking fellow prisoner Joe Connor with boiling water.

May 2002 Mone uses human rights law to get his sentence cut to 25 years. Changes his name to James Smith to prepare for release.

2005 McCulloch uses human rights law to be moved to a lower-security wing of Edinburgh's Saughton prison.

December 2006 Mone given the green light by the parole board to begin the process that could see him freed in 2009.

July 2007 Mone sparks outrage when he is allowed out for a day trip to Crieff, Perthshire.

September 2007 It emerges Mone will soon be sent to an open prison - Noranside, near Forfar - as he prepares for release.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Article Type:Chronology
Date:Nov 1, 2007
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