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'Transformations of Policing' Returns to the Central Issues Discussed in 1983, and Considers Whether the Main Conclusions Need to Be Revised in the Light of What Has Happened Since.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of "Transformations of Policing" to their offering.

"People and Police in London" (1983) is still the largest and most detailed study of a police force and its relations with the public that has yet been undertaken in Britain. The twenty-three years since its publication has seen a constantly-accelerating rate of change in the legal framework of policing, in the arrangements for democratic accountability of the police, in the technologies involved in crime and policing, in management structures and methods in the police service, in financial control systems imposed by central government, and in methods of assessing police performance. Over the same period, crime control has moved from the bottom to the top of the political agenda, leading to increasing pressure on the police to be seen to be effective.

"Transformations of Policing" returns to the central issues discussed in 1983 and considers whether the main conclusions need to be revised in the light of what has happened since. It also reviews areas of debate and research that have emerged more recently and highlights areas of turbulence that are creating fundamentally different patterns from before and raising genuinely new questions.

About the Author/Editor

David J. Smith is Honorary Professor of Criminology at the University of Edinburgh, UK, and Visiting Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK. Alistair Henry is based in the School of Law at the University of Edinburgh, UK, and a member of the Centre for Law and Society.

Key Topics Covered inside Report:

Preface and acknowledgements

Looking back on Police and People in London, Alistair Henry

The trajectory of private policing, Les Johnston

Police ethnography in the house of serious and organized crime, James Sheptycki

Policing ethnic minorities, Alistair Henry

Public order: then and now, P.A.J. Waddington

Reassurance policing: feeling is believing, Adam Crawford

The architecture of policing: towards a new theoretical model of the role of constraint-based compliance in policing, Richard Jones

Policing London: 20 years on, Mike Hough

Managing the police through a time of change, Peter Neyroud

The future of policing in Britain, Tim Newburn

Policing our future, Clifford Shearing

New challenges to police legitimacy, David J. Smith



'Twenty five years ago Police and People in London was a major landmark in British police research, the most extensive empirical study of a force to be conducted in this country. This collection of essays from distinguished scholars from around the world assesses the changes since then. It provides provocative and informative interpretations, evidence and argument, and will be of interest and value to anyone seeking to understand contemporary policing.'

Robert Reiner, Professor of Criminology, Law Dept., LSE UK.

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Date:Feb 14, 2007
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