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'Til death us do part? SOAP STORIES.


Coronation Street STV


Last week we had a birth, now there could be a death and a marriage to complete the set.

Steve is still in the dark about what really happened at Becky's flat - he remains convinced that his ex-wife is to blame for Tracy's miscarriage and, frightened of losing him, she's in no rush to put him straight on the matter.

So, Steve prepares for a future.

He decides to put the Rovers up for sale, offering Stella first refusal.

He plans to use the money to buy Lloyd's house so he, Tracy and Amy can live there as a family. He even asks her to marry him.

When Becky finds out she's distraught and begins drinking heavily, before burning photos of her with her ex-husband.

She then falls asleep, little realising that the embers are alight.

Last year, Nick became a hero by pulling Peter out of the Bistro following the tram crash - and it looks as if he's going to be one again, this time by entering the flat in an attempt to rescue Becky.

Thankfully she escapes unscathed and the strength she gains from the support friends such as Roy and Hayley offer inspires her to fight back against Toxic Tracy.

Becky makes an official complaint to the police, asking them to investigate Tracy's claim that she caused her miscarriage in an attempt to clear her name.

She then informs Tracy that she'll drop the charges and leave Weatherfield for good - if her arch enemy tells Steve the truth.

Sian and Sophie's wedding plans take a knock when Sian's dad announces he won't be attending the event.

Amber tries to throw a spanner in the works too by telling Sophie she's making a mistake - and Sunita lays into her stepdaughter after seeing her leaning in for a kiss.

Kevin isn't sure that tying the knot is the right thing for his youngest daughter, but she assures him she's certain.

Nevertheless, at the service, with their proud mums on the verge of weeping tears of happiness, Sophie stumbles over her wedding vows.

It is nerves and emotion that have got the better of her, but Kevin is sure that she's got cold feet and looks set to interrupt the proceedings in the hope of saving her from further awkwardness.

But will Kev's urge to protect his daughter inadvertently ruin her efforts to settle down with the girl she loves?

Stella suspects Peter may be up to something when she notices that he hasn't given Leanne the necklace she knows he's bought.

Carla thinks it's lovely though, and gives him more than just a thank you kiss under the mistletoe as they meet up in secret at the factory!

But their clandestine arrangements could backfire in more ways than one when Anne finds them at the flat ,while trying to bribe Carla into not testifying against Frank at his trial.

Xmas drama hit square on

EastEnders BBC1

It's difficult to know where to start with this week's shenanigans - as ever, Christmas on EastEnders is full of drama.

What we're mostly waiting for is finding out whether Yusef manages to take Zainab and Kamil out of the country against their wishes - or if Masood and Denise can save them from his evil clutches.

Unfortunately, the Beeb has embargoed this information, so we can't spell out exactly what happens, but we guarantee it's going to be an explosive Christmas for all.

Christian arrives back in Albert Square to spend it with Jane, and although Amira is determined to keep him away from Syed, it's clear there's still a bond.

The hunt for Phil's stalker continues, although the mystery person seems to still be one step ahead of his victim, while Pat's health takes a turn for the worse.


James Thornton for to his Emmerdale goodbye leaves the soap soon, but he's quitting love - so he can spend more time with wife Page. Bless.

Georgia she might in Corrie, reckons to the soap if the Battersby back story to cover returning consider the had a plausible character the eight years since she last walked famous cobbles.


Emmerdale STV

It shouldn't come as a surprise to see Jai arrested for the attempted murder of Cain, but what is a shock is Charity telling the 'victim' she'll go back to him if he drops the charges! But he shuns her advances.

Debbie is disgusted by her mother's behaviour, but their relationship crumbles further after Charity admits she was present on the night he was attacked.

Debbie also has Sarah's problems weighing heavily on her mind.

Having failed to conceive artificially, she asks Andy to help the old-fashioned way.

And Amy makes a tough decision about her capabilities as a mother.


Holby City BBC1


You know how it is - you're asked to travel to a foreign land to give a lecture to a group of students, only to find you're actually expected to perform a dangerous heart operation.

Such things probably happen every day in the cut-throat world of top doctors, right? Well, quite frankly, we think not.

In fact, we reckon it's about as far removed a premise from the real world as the scriptwriters could get, without having aliens land in the car park.

It's exciting telly. We'll give it that. It's Elliott who heads to the Ukraine under what turns out to be false pretences.

Will he turn chicken in Kiev when confronted with the truth about the trip?


Hollyoaks C4

Unless you've been living on Mars for most of your life, chances are you'll be familiar with festive film It's a Wonderful Life.

James Stewart plays a character who is saved from suicide by a trainee angel, and is then shown what life would be like for his loved ones had he never existed.

The last-ever episode of Dallas followed a similar format, except JR discovered people would have been far happier without him!

Now it's time for Hollyoaks to use the idea, this time involving Doug, who's hit rock bottom after spending Christmas alone.

As he thinks about ending it all, the ghost of Steph Dean reveals how different life would be for the village's residents if he wasn't there.


In Emmerdale, Moira desperately wants to spend Christmas with her family. On arriving at the house, she loses her confidence.

Instead of knocking, she leaves the gifts she's bought in the barn, where John finds them.

Big Bob's going off to Ireland

River City BBC1

Hogmanay! Hooray! But, as usual, while the rest of us look forward to the biggest knees-up of the year, Shieldinch's residents area bit gloomy.

Certainly Christina could do with cheering up.

She wants Big Bob to come home, so is disappointed when Molly tells her he's moving to Dublin.

But Christina is convinced she can persuade him to stay, if she can find him.

Meanwhile, Eileen helps Iona deal with a mouse problem at the deli - and discovers the infestation took root at the Oyster first, which affects Gina.

Leyla gives Gabriel the cold shoulder after their kiss, despite the fact he's desperate to talk about it.

Instead, he decides to use Iona in an attempt to get a reaction from Leyla.

Watch it

A week on the box with Record telly critic Paul English

Young James Herriot Sunday to Tuesday, BBC1

Doesn't Gary. Lewis. Always. Sound. So. Very. Dramatic. In. Everything.

I've realised he uses that very serious and precisely enunciated early-20th century headmaster style for everything he's in now.

Still. Doesn't make him unwatchable. Especially when he's playing a headmasterly type in the early 20th century.

The (very) young cast of (Very) Young James Herriot don't have his profile yet, but will do when this enjoyably youthful mini-series is given the inevitable six-part series next year.

Young Iain De Caestecker as Young James Herriot is less Christopher Timothy from All Creatures Great And Small, more C3PO from Star Wars. Gary Lewis as Darth Vader in the next series anyone?



Sunday, BBC1

Comedy Award for a second year running?

Am I missing something other than her big, gormless face?


Little Crackers

All week, Sky 1

Like Twitter feed comedy with pictures.

River City

Tuesday, BBC1

That Gabriel, he's no angel. Winching his brother's bird on Christmas Day before the turkey's been gobbled.

Still, sets us up for a potential tenth anniversary sibling cad storyline.

Corrie and Easties did live episodes last year, but it's unlikely RC will manage that.

Bets for the storyline? The only working class area in Glasgow not to have a kebab shop opens a kebab shop: 30/1; Tall Ship fire (a soap rule): 20/1; Shellsuit Bob seen in a Shellsuit: 15/1; Serge the mute Oyster Cafe barista speaks: 10/1; Another hairdresser arrives in Shieldinch: no odds available.

Strictly Come Dancing

Saturday, BBC1 So whatshisface won. Y'know, that hingmibobber.

Is that it finished now until next year? What? A Christmas Special? I suppose the one thing about him from McBoyband actually being anonymous enough to walk past in the street when he was plucked from his drum stool to provide some chaff for the Strictly wheat means we've just witnessed the birth of a new 'star'.

So well done, hingmy. The celebrity TV gameshow circuit will be all the richer.




CRASH AND BURN... Becky's destructive drinking puts her life at risk EXPLOSIVE... Masood, Zainab and Yusef DECISION... Elliot Hope BOTHER... Debbie and Andy ALONE... Doug hits a low UPSET... Christina is gloomy COLD FEET ... Sian and Sophie look glum
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