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'My girlfriend hit me from behind with vase'.

Byline: Liz Keen

A TEENAGER accused of stabbing his sixth-form sweetheart said he would never have done anything to hurt or disrespect the girl he loved.

Cardiff Crown Court has heard allegations that Hassan Imram, 18, punched, kicked and choked Sana Naeem over a five-month period last year while they were pupils at Cardiff High School and secretly going out together.

Michael Matherless, prosecuting, said the violence ended with Imram sticking a knife into the school girl's arm after losing his temper one more time.

But yesterday the computer businessman's son told a jury at Cardiff Crown Court he had never done any such thing. He claimed the only person touse violence on the day she says she was stabbed was Sana herself, when she hit him over the head with a vase.

He was asked by Mr Matherlees about text and e-mail messages he later sent her, saying he was sorry and adding "please forgive me" and "I can't live with myself".

"It was becauses he made everything that happened always sound as if it was my fault," he replied. "I hadn't done anything to her. She knew how to make me angry for no reason at all."

Imram said they had gone to his house in Page Drive, Pengam Green, for lunch on November 9 after an A-levelmaths lesson in which they sat next to each other.

But as he carried the food into the kitchen, he turned and suddenly saw her unconscious on the floor.

He said: "I splashed water on her face and she came round shouting and screaming. Then she got up and walked to the formal sitting room and hit me with a ceramic vase from behind."

He said moments later his mother, the only adult in either of their families to know about their relationship, arrived home and offered todrive Sana back to school when he said he wanted her to leave.

"I was angry because she hadhit me," he said. "And there was nothing wrong with her arm - she was carrying her school bag when she went out to the car."

Imram's girlfriend, giving her evidence earlier this week, denied hitting him and said she was only unconscious on the floor because he put her there.

Imram denies five charges of assault and one of wounding against Sana and also one charge of assaulting her friend by pushing her out of the way.



GIRLFRIEND: Sana Naeem; ACCUSED: Hassan Imran
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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 24, 2008
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