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'Jealous' rivals in catfight; EXCLUSIVE.

Byline: by LARA GOULD TV Editor

GIRL singers Laura White and Diana Vickers had to be pulled apart after a massive row in the X Factor house.

Laura, 21, and Diana, 17, almost came to blows when tension over the competition boiled over.

The girls had to be physically separated by the show's male contestants before Diana left the house for a night to cool off with her boyfriend.

Now sources say the two women - both among the favourites to win the show's pounds 1m record contract - barely speak to each other.

A TV source revealed: "Diana has this 'butter wouldn't melt' image but the truth is she has been rubbing a lot of the contestants up the wrong way.

"There's a lot of bitchiness in the house. The girls insist they're all best friends - but it's actually every woman for himself.

"The lads keep out of it, but it is all motivated by jealousy."


Cooling off... Diana
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Publication:Sunday Mirror (London, England)
Date:Nov 9, 2008
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