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'Indoor Air Quality Management Act' to Protect Public Health: EPA.

TAIPEI, Taiwan -- With economic development and lifestyle changes, the ordinary people in Taiwan stay indoors most of the time everyday, so there is direct impact of indoor air quality on work efficiency, and the effects of indoor air pollutants on human health are gradually being taken seriously.

The director of the Air Protection Division of Environment Protection Administration (EPA), Executive Yuan Shieh Yan-Ru, said in an interview that, in addition to demonstrating the importance the Government attaches to people's indoor living environment, the 'Indoor Air Quality Management Act' will reduce the incidence of respiratory tract-related diseases and the social costs of health care expenditures if implemented, thus ensuring good indoor air quality and good health of all citizens through interagency coordination.

The Act draft stipulates that after comprehensive evaluation, the authorities will announce the amount of mass gatherings, personnel inflows and outflows and the pollution hazards of public places by batches.

After the announcement, the authorities will inspect the places in question from time to time. The places identified as sub-standard will be given a period of notice to improve, and if the improvements have not been completed after the deadline, the owners, managers and employers of the places concerned will be fined NT$50000 - 250000.

The premises in question will have to employ dedicated staff responsible for maintaining the indoor air quality, and commission related organizations to monitor indoor air quality regularly. Shieh emphasized that the Act draft requires the automatic monitoring equipment be installed in public places where there are large public gatherings, high inflows and outflows of personnel and high health risks to continually monitor air quality, and the monitoring results must be posted on the entrance of the premises for people to understand.

Shieh indicated that improving indoor air quality must take into account the indoor ventilation, interior decoration and the choice of building materials, the overall building design and maintenance management, which involve the relevant authorities at all levels, such as Executive Yuan Department of Health, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of the Interior (Construction & Planning Agency, Architecture and Building Research Institute), EY Council of Labour Affairs, EY Sports Affair Council, EY Council of Agriculture and so on. Of course, it is also necessary that local governments help implement relevant management work in order to protect public health.
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Comment:'Indoor Air Quality Management Act' to Protect Public Health: EPA.
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