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ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 23, 1997--EQUANT is the new name for Scitor, a company known for providing high-quality global voice and data services to multinational companies over the world's largest international voice and data communications network jointly owned and operated with SITA, a cooperative of the world's air transport industry.

Recently called the "best kept secret in telecommunications" by industry analysts, the company today unveiled its new brand and discussed several steps it is taking to establish EQUANT as a major competitive force in global telecommunications.

"EQUANT will continue to strengthen its standing as the provider of international managed network and value-added services, while it assembles the capabilities necessary to become a leading integrator of enterprise network solutions for global business customers," said Didier Delepine, president and chief executive officer of EQUANT International Corporation.

Formed in 1991 to sell network services to international businesses outside the air transport community, EQUANT has quickly built a worldwide base of customers in key industry sectors, including hotels and hospitality, trade and transportation, financial services and energy. Among its customers: America Online, CompuServe, Datastream, Shangri-La Hotels, Anixter, ITT Sheraton, ING Bank, CSX/Sealand, Interpol and Intercontinental Hotels. EQUANT's business volume has doubled each of the last three years, and it is expected that revenues for 1997 will exceed US $200 million, with contract values reaching US $500 million. A recent Yankee Group users survey cited the company as offering the best quality services -- beating competitors such as BT/MCI Concert, Global One and IBM.

At the core of EQUANT's service portfolio are managed data network services, such as Frame Relay, Remote LAN Access and X.25/X.28, as well as value-added services, including messaging and electronic data interchange (EDI). These services all are delivered across a network which spans 225 countries and territories.

Because the Network supports TCP/IP, EQUANT also is playing an important role in the international expansion of two leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and it is positioned to exploit other emerging Internet- and intranet- related opportunities.

To provide seamless "one-stop shopping" for global customers, EQUANT has introduced its International Virtual Private Network (IVPN) for corporate voice traffic and will continue to expand its offerings in this area in 1997. EQUANT is also strongly positioned to meet customers' desktop-to- desktop network requirements by packaging its network services with the integration and support services of its sister company, ITS.

With a presence in more than 55 countries, ITS is the leading global network integrator, providing innovative network solutions and services -- which include hardware, software, integration and support -- to multinational companies in key market sectors. ITS, together with EQUANT and SITA, provides customers with truly global, fully-managed wide area network-to-desktop network solutions.

"The more than 45 years' experience represented by our SITA heritage; a true `global' business culture; our specialization in key vertical markets, and the unparalleled global coverage, proven quality and reliability of the Network are the key underpinnings of EQUANT's success," Delepine said.

"Our achievements in a globally competitive market will lead to broader relationships with customers, alliance partners and investors and enable us to continue to build a globally competitive company."

EQUANT is owned by SITA EQUANT Holdings, N.V. SITA EQUANT Holdings is jointly owned by SITA, an employee trust and Morgan Stanley Capital Partners and its co-investors. Morgan Stanley was brought in as an external equity investor in SITA EQUANT Holdings in October 1995.

SITA, founded in 1949, is a co-operative of the world's air transport industry. With more than 600 members, SITA provides extensive range of telecommunications and information processing services.

ITS is the leading global network integrator, offering a fully-managed, WAN-to-desktop solution, from a single point-of- contact. Established in 1972, ITS operates through subsidiaries covering Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Japan and the Americas. ITS has offices and service centers in 55 countries, and employs approximately 1,450 staff.

(Note to Editors: An astronomical term, the word EQUANT is defined as a theoretical point in space from which all other points are equidistant. EQUANT defines the company in terms that can be translated into any language, and characterizes the services it provides to customers: access to a global network, equidistant from the information needed to perform on a global scale, no matter where in the world they are located.)

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Date:Jan 23, 1997
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