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'Chasing Churchill,' TV Documentary Based on Book by Granddaughter of Winston Churchill, Now in Development.

Journey Through Global Leader's Life to Focus on his Worldwide Travels, Historic Meetings, Love of Painting, and Personal Relationships

NEW YORK, Aug. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The passion Sir Winston Churchill demonstrated throughout his life for travel, art and history will be examined and celebrated as never before in a new television documentary now in development. "Chasing Churchill" will be based on the book of the same name written by Churchill's granddaughter, Celia Sandys, the author of five books about her grandfather. Initial funding for the production is being provided by a grant from the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation, and the developers are now seeking a principal name sponsor.

In "Chasing Churchill" (, Ms. Sandys, who traveled with her grandfather during the last part of his life, will take the viewer on a personal journey of Churchill's travels throughout the world, with visits to Morocco, South Africa, Europe, the United States, Cuba and the Middle East. The documentary will examine where Sir Winston went to paint, write his legendary speeches and Nobel Prize-winning books, relax with family and friends, and meet with President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Soviet ruler Joseph Stalin during World War II.

"While my grandfather has been the subject of many television programs, only brief glimpses of his personal life have been revealed in these productions," says Ms. Sandys. "In Chasing Churchill the viewer will gain a deep understanding of Winston Churchill the man. In war and peace, he traveled more than most people of his era. We'll visit with people he knew wherever in the world they may be."

The book "Chasing Churchill" was published in 2003 by HarperCollins Publishers. Ms. Sandys has exclusive access to correspondence, photos, memorabilia and Sir Winston's own paintings, much of which has never before been seen on television. "I think viewers will be impressed with the depth of Grandfather's artistic talent," said Ms. Sandys.

A trip around the world for viewers

The program will take the viewer on a trip around the world through Churchill's eyes as it delves into many of the lesser-known chapters of his life, including:
 * Cuba: "Sir Winston was fascinated by Cuba, and made visits there half a
 century apart," says Ms. Sandys. In 1895, during the Spanish-American
 war, Churchill narrowly escaped death in Cuba on his 21st birthday when
 a bullet whizzed past his head and killed the horse behind him.

 * His adventures in South Africa, where Churchill was a correspondent and
 soldier in the Anglo Boer War. Taken prisoner there, Churchill escaped
 with a bounty on his head -- "Wanted dead or alive: 25 pounds reward."

 * His secret 1943 WWII-era meeting with President Franklin D. Roosevelt in
 Marrakech, after which Churchill painted and presented to the president
 a landscape they witnessed while there.

 * Sir Winston's European cruise aboard the Onassis yacht, on which he (and
 the young Ms. Sandys) witnessed the beginnings of the love affair
 between Aristotle Onassis and the star Maria Callas.

 * The child of an American mother, Churchill made many visits to the
 United States, "my other country." The documentary will retrace his
 journeys there, including his meetings with Mark Twain and Charlie
 Chaplin, his serious car accident in New York, his famous speeches
 before Congress and his 1946 "Iron Curtain" speech in Fulton, Missouri.

 Production and Sponsorship

The documentary is slated to be produced by Stewart Binns, the award- winning historical and sports documentarian, founder of the Olympic Television Archive Bureau and head of production for Octagon CSI in the United Kingdom.

The Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation has granted Ms. Sandys $250,000.00. Additional funds have been granted by the Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation.

The producers anticipate the total cost of production, which will include on-location shooting throughout the world, to be nearly $3 million.

The intended completion date, pending sponsorship schedule, is mid-2006.

Area Marketing Associates, LLC (AMA) based in Stamford, CT, and New York, NY, has contracted with Ms. Sandys to secure sponsorship support for Chasing Churchill. Foundations and corporations interested in sponsorship opportunities for this production should contact James Graham or Gary Lumsden of AMA at 212-661-4300.

CONTACT: Jay S. Winuk of Winuk Communications, +1-845-277-1160, for Area Marketing Associates, LLC

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Date:Aug 8, 2005
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