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`The spade hit her again and again..I couldn't get my eyes to look away' SQUADDIE'S CHILLING CONFESSION TO SAVAGE KILLING OF TOUR GIRL.


TATTOOED thug Allan Ford showed Louise Jensen no mercy as she was bludgeoned with a spade and left for dead in a shallow grave.

Rifleman Ford, 27, and two other Royal Green Jackets tried to rape the beautiful blonde. Then she was struck again and again with a spade as she screamed for help.

Ford, a vicious wife-beater and self-confessed alcoholic, told Cyprus police hours after Louise died: "I was like a man possessed. I didn't feel like I was in my own body. I hit her on the head with the flat side of the spade, just hard enough to knock her unconscious. It didn't work. I hit her again.

"Somebody grabbed the spade off me and pushed me away. Stunned, I just stared at her face. Then the spade hit her again...again and again.

"I could not bring my eyes to look away from her."

Ford, Geoff Pernell, 24, and Justin Fowler, 28, were found guilty in Larnaca last night of manslaughter, conspiracy to rape and abduction.

They killed Louise, a 23-year-old Danish tour guide, in September, 1994, after going on a wild all-night drinking orgy. One by one they tried to rape Louise by a deserted sandy track after kidnapping her outside the resort of Ayia Napa.

Then they bludgeoned her, "almost splitting her head in two" with 15 blows of an army-issue spade before dumping her body in a shallow grave.

Fowler, of Constantine, Cornwall, Pernell, and Ford, both from Birmingham, sat side-by-side while Judge Takis Eliades delivered the verdict to a packed courtroom.


Ford and Pernell played with worry beads as their graphic confessions were read out by the judge.

At first they admitted kidnapping Louise but then withdrew their confessions.

In the hours after the grisly killing, each blamed the other for striking the final blow.

Ford refused at first to reveal the identity of the killer because he did not want to "grass on his mates". But in a bitter final twist to the nine-month trial, he named Fowler. Ford said: "I saw Fowler raise the spade above his head several times. He did it. He killed her."

The hard-drinking squaddies - who had been known to spend pounds 150 a night on booze - brought shame on the British army after a massive "bender" at the Jasmin bar in Ayia Napa.

Ford danced wildly to the jukebox, downing whisky and coke with Tequila chasers while Fowler and Pernell had at least seven pints of bitter each in a game called Minesweeping.

Then they took off in Fowler's mini-moke. He said: "Geoff Pernell said he was going to get himself a woman for the night. Allan Ford said this was a good idea."

The court heard how Louise was knocked off boyfriend Michalis Vassiliades' motorbike by the mini-moke. Louise laughed at first, thinking she was the victim of a practical joke.

But then the squaddies leapt out, punching her and dragging her to the car.

Fowler claimed: "We drove up a dirt track. Allan and Geoff pulled the woman from the moke. She sat on the edge of the track crying.

"Allan ripped open her vest while Geoff pulled her jeans down."


Fowler went on: "Allan told me that he wanted me to f*** her first. I pulled down my shorts and tried to do as I was told...the situation made this impossible for me.

"I then stood and went to the moke. In my rear-view mirror I could see Allan on his knees, trying to f*** the woman. After five minutes or so Geoff swapped places with Allan. They then both stood up. I saw Geoff hit the woman with a spade.

"I couldn't believe this was happening and still can't. It seemed like some kind of crazy nightmare."

But Fowler's evidence was shot down by Judge Eliades who called him "a bare-faced liar."

He said the blood on his arms quite clearly showed Fowler was present "when the fatal blow was struck".

Former butcher's boy Ford, already charged with a vicious assault on a British holidaymaker, admitted he rained blows on Louise.

He said: "She shouted something in a foreign language. I hit her again the same as before and she slumped sideways. I know she wasn't dead because I could still hear her breathing. She looked like she was asleep."

Ford and Pernell then told of the macabre scene as they began to bury Louise's body. Ford said: "Someone threw the spade at me and I used it to dig but had to give up - I felt too ill.

"I kept thinking this was all a drunken nightmare.

"I cannot describe the fear and guilt I now bear with me for the rest of my life.

"I am more sorry than I can say but I know that this will not right a wrong. I will never drink again."

Pernell claimed he just helped to bury the body.


"Allan started shovelling dirt on to her to cover her up. I kicked some sand from the pile on to her with my feet. I did not try to stop them because I was frightened."

The men could not be charged with murder because they were judged to be too drunk to have planned their attack.

But they now face a long term behind bars and are expected to be sentenced today.


I hope they die

in jail

THE family of Louise Jensen believe her killers should perish in prison.

Mum Annette said: "I hope they die behind bars. That would be justice for what they did to Louise.

"The only thing that helps is that we believe Louise died quickly.


"She was definitely dead before they put her in that grave and that helps us to come to terms with it.

"We've had letters and flowers from complete strangers since she died - many from the families of British servicemen.

"We've nothing against the British as a whole, just the men responsible. They are animals."

Dad Poul said: "Nothing can justify what these men did. Now we want to be left alone with our memories of Louise."

Her brother, Soren, 18, said: "When she was killed, Louise was wearing a necklace with a cross which my father gave her here in Cyprus two years ago.

"We have asked for it back and now I am finally going to get that cross which I will wear for ever.

"It will be my special memory of Louise. She was so full of life, a very happy girl.

"She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She was the best."


Ex-wife: He's just a psycho

THE ex-wife of tattooed rifleman Allan Ford accused him of acting like a "psycho" when they parted.

Michelle, 27, said he had previously two-timed her, taunted her about his other women - yet threatened her with a razor and screwdriver if she betrayed him.

"After we split, he told me if he caught me with a man, he would slash my face," said Michelle, of Oldbury, West Midlands.

"It makes me go cold to think I ever knew and even married him. One moment, he was being romantic, the next horribly cruel."

Among Ford's tattoos were the name "Michelle" on his arm and an arrow on his manhood with the word "Up".

Fiancee: We'll

wed in prison

THE fiancee of convicted Geoff Pernell vowed last night: "I'll marry him behind bars."

Pernell and childhood sweetheart Sarah Green were making wedding plans before his arrest in September 1994.

Her wedding gown hangs in her bedroom at Oldbury, West Midlands, alongside pictures of Pernell in full dress uniform.

Sarah, 22, who met Pernell at the age of 16, has stayed loyal, spending her savings on visiting him in jail.

And last night as he faced staying behind bars on Cyprus, she told the Mirror: "I am going to marry Geoff, no matter what.

"I will go across there and have the ceremony in jail if necessary.

"I love him and I know he wouldn't do something like that. It's as simple as that."

Divorcee: His

binges split us

THE ex-wife of third rifleman Justin Fowler said they split because of his boozing binges.

Hayley Worth, who married Fowler at 17 in her hometown of Colchester, Essex, said: "He wasn't violent towards me.

"He was a typical squaddie really, he liked to go out and have a drink and that was it. It wasn't unusual to have 10 or 12 pints.

"I soon realised he wanted the best of both worlds, and that was enough."

Hayley, 24, now settled in Ireland with a young son, added: "I petitioned for divorce as soon as I heard about the Jensen case and the decree came through in July."

Fowler now has a new Scottish girlfriend, who is standing by him despite reports of an affair in Cyprus with a Romanian hooker.
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Author:Armstrong, Jeremy
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Date:Mar 29, 1996
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