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`Fatal wounds were inflicted with a knife ' Doctor disputes murder suspect's screwdriver claim.


SIX stab wounds which killed a North Wales teenager were almost certainly inflicted with a knife and not a screwdriver -- as claimed by the 18-year-old charged with his murder.

Home Office pathologist Dr Chris Johnson told Mold Crown Court yesterday it was ``most improbable'' the injuries suffered by 19-year-old Andrew Ross were caused by a screwdriver.

Peter Matthews, 18, of Ffordd y Morfa, Abergele, denies murdering Mr Ross and the attempted murder of his friend, Raymond Brindley, 18.

Matthews denies he had a knife and claims he lashed out in self-defence with a screwdriver when he was attacked and pinned down on the road by Mr Ross.

Dr Johnson told how one stab wound went through Mr Ross's lung and into the top of his heart. He estimated the minimum depth of the wound was between seven and eightcentimetres. Others penetrated the heart cavity.

One of the wounds was inflicted with considerable force, he said, because it had cut through the fourth rib, damaging the right lung.

A fourth wound left a ``through and through'' wound to the right upper lung.

In addition to the four wounds to the front of the chest, there were two others, one to the left shoulder and another to the back of the left arm.

``I take the view that these are typical wounds found by the use of a sharp knife. I think it is most improbable that they could have been caused by a screwdriver. ''

He said the wounds were clean cuts, typical of the use caused by a sharp knife.

A screwdriver would have left wounds with significant tearing.

The court has heard how Andrew Ross died at the scene following a confrontation with Matthews at a bridge in Abergele.

His friend, Raymond Brindley, intervened but was allegedly attacked as well and ended up with four wounds.

The case continues.
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Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 12, 2004
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