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`Electrified snails` could be future spy cameras.

Washington, June 14 ( ANI ): Scientists have created the world's first "electrified snail," which joins the menagerie of cockroaches, rats, rabbits and other animals previously implanted with biofuel cells that generate electricity - perhaps for future spy cameras, eavesdropping microphones and other electronics - from natural sugar in their bodies.

The has been described in the latest episode in the American Chemical Society's (ACS') award-winning Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions podcast series

In a report published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Evgeny Katz, Ph.D., and colleagues pointed out that many previous studies have involved "potentially implantable" biofuel cells.

So far, however, none has produced an implanted biofuel cell in a small, live animal that could generate electricity for an extended period of time without harming the animal.

"The snail with the implanted biofuel cell will be able to operate in a natural environment, producing sustainable electrical micropower for activating various bioelectronic devices," said the scientists.

To turn a living snail into a power source, the researchers made two small holes in its shell and inserted high-tech electrodes made from compressed carbon nanotubes.

They coated the highly conductive material with enzymes, which foster chemical reactions in animals' bodies.

Using a different enzyme on each electrode, one pulling electrons from glucose and another using those electrons to turn oxygen molecules into water, they induced an electric current.

Importantly, the long-lasting enzymes could generate electricity again and again after the scientists fed and rested what they termed the "electrified" snail, which lived freely for several months with the implanted fuel cell. ( ANI )


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Publication:Asian News International
Date:Jun 14, 2012
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