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``Wargasm'' Unleashed!; ``Wargasm Wednesday'' Marks Release of Infogrames' Wild New Title.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 13, 1998--After months of anticipation, "Wargasm," the 3-D combat action thriller developed by Digital Image Design, bursts onto retail shelves nationwide Wednesday, Jan. 13, "Wargasm Wednesday."

Published by Infogrames, the eagerly awaited title places gamers and non-gamers alike in an all-out assault for control of a global virtual battlefield.

"Wargasm" lets everyone experience the action from a number of different positions. Players assume the role of a tank commander, climb in the pilot's seat of an attack helicopter or switch over and battle as a futuristic infantryman on the front line in the struggle for supremacy of the World Wide War Web (WWWW).

"Gamers have known for months about `Wargasm's' all-out intense combat action," Dave Riley, PC brand manager, Infogrames Entertainment, said. "On `Wargasm Wednesday,' look for `Wargasm' to explode off store shelves as PC gamers clamor to get their hands on the first hot title of 1999."

"Wargasm" is set 25 years in the future, whereupon all the major nations of the world have signed a total disarmament treaty. With the possibility of actual warfare eliminated, conflicts have been moved onto the electronic battlefield, the WWWW.

"Wargasm's" intensity increases as gameplay progresses. After each victory, players capture enemy forces, assimilate Web space and upgrade units.

"`Wargasm' is the rare title that combines all the elements of an easy-to-play arcade game with the high level of detail usually found only in simulations," Jim Belcher, simulations director, Infogrames Entertainment, said. "Players will quickly become addicted to the rush they get from jumping into `Wargasm's' extreme action, and they'll marvel at the game's stunning graphics."

Realistic battlefield effects are created using DID's new 3-Dream technology. Rain, smoke and fire are all dramatically rendered in an environment that pits soldiers against varying terrain, including dense forests, jutting plateaus and rocky inclines.

To help set the mood, "Wargasm's" soundtrack features some of the most recognizable and inspiring symphonic classics ever composed. Selections from Wagner and Beethoven, during gameplay and on the menu screens, evoke the emotions and provide a heightened sense of urgency for the quest toward world domination.

Players looking to experience "Multiple Wargasm," the game's multiplayer component, will be able to connect with friends in head-to-head combat on a Local Area Network or over the Internet on Microsoft's Internet Gaming Zone or on HEAT.NET.

"Multiple Wargasm" offers 15 unique levels of combat, available via the Internet or LAN. Players can engage in "Multiple Wargasm" simply by selecting the option from the main menu screen in "Wargasm." Minimum system requirements are a Pentium 166 PC with Windows 95 and 32 MB RAM. "Wargasm" requires 3-D acceleration and Direct X v. 6.0 (included with the game).

For more information, visit The Web site, which serves as "Wargasm's" ground zero, is also the place to keep up to date on the latest dispatches from the front line of the World Wide War Web (WWWW), or challenge online opponents to a game of "Multiple Wargasm."

About DID

Formed in 1990, Digital Image Design Ltd. is based in Warrington, England. The company currently has more than 70 employees plus a large external support network. DID has been responsible for some of the best-selling military simulations ever, including "TFX," "EF2000" and "F22 Air Dominance Fighter." In addition to entertainment software, Digital Image Design Ltd. develops military solutions.

DID has worked with Oxley Avionics Ltd. and the Royal Air Force to develop pilot training simulations for specialized night vision flying, laser designation and bombing. Last year, DID conducted tests with the Swedish Air Force involving integration of PC technologies into large-scale air defense exercises. Currently, DID provides simulation training tools for NATO Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) fighter controllers.

About Infogrames

Infogrames Entertainment Group is a Top Ten publisher of interactive entertainment software worldwide. Founded in 1983, the company has produced more than 1,000 titles.

Infogrames currently develops and distributes award-winning computer and video games for the Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Sony PlayStation and personal computer platforms. Product lines include Infogrames, Ocean, I-Motion and Looney Tunes, based on the world-renowned Warner Bros. animated characters. The company also publishes flight simulation titles created by Digital Image Design (DID).

Infogrames recently became an investor in Game One, the first television channel specializing in video games in Europe. Infogrames distributes its titles in more than 57 countries worldwide. U.S. headquarters for Infogrames Entertainment are in San Jose. For more information, see the company's Web site at
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