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``Pale Truth,'' Written by First-Time Author Daniel Alef, Named Book of the Year in General Fiction by ForeWord Magazine.

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The first book in a planned trilogy of historical fiction titled "The California Chronicles," "Pale Truth," by Daniel Alef, has been named Book of the Year in General Fiction by ForeWord Magazine.

A unique honor for a first-time author, Alef takes the reader on a journey back in time to California's tumultuous beginnings.

According to ForeWord Magazine's Book Review Editor, Alex Moore, "This is one of the rare occasions when a first-time author and first-time publisher have received such a prestigious honor. We found 'Pale Truth' to be beautifully written and unique in its seamless blending of fact and fiction."

"Pale Truth," the first book to be released by Solvang, Calif.-based MaxIt Publishing Inc., is the result of Alef's 10 years of meticulous research. In it he brings to life the transformation of San Francisco from a city of mud-clogged streets, tents and shanties, vigilantes and devastating fires, into a bustling Babylon of American wealth and ingenuity.

"Pale Truth's" characters are based upon real and imaginary people and the accurately chronicled events are based upon fact. They are brought to life through the profoundly personal stories of "Pale Truth's" leading players, Mary Ellen and Colbraith O'Brien. Heightening the spell are 41 beautifully rendered illustrations of real people and historical events.

Alef sees "Pale Truth" as his legacy -- the culmination of many dreams. "History properly presented," said Alef, "becomes alive, pertinent and exciting -- a form of time travel."

The saga continues in Alef's next two novels in the trilogy, "Measured Swords," due out the end of 2002, and "Honor Unto Death," due out the following year. They will complete this intricate web of deceit, hope, fear, truth and despair.

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 21, 2001
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