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\United Auctions.

Wednesday, December 13 UA sold 655 store cattle and 224 cast cows and forward cattle, also forward 9960 store and feeding sheep.

Bullocks (327) averaged 215.63p to 287.30ppk for a 275kg CHX from Gateside and to PS1260 for 626kg CHX from Middleton.

B&W bullocks (32) averaged 131.24p to 188.90ppk for a 397kg HFX from Meikle Camoquhill, and to PS840 for a 579kg BFX from Grougar Mains. Heifers (249) averaged 202.71p to 253.00ppk for a 235kg CHX from Gateside, and to PS1120 for a 564kg AAX from Victoria.

Young bulls (47) averaged 211.52p to 288.90ppk for a SimX from Drumgrange and PS970 for a SimX from Drumoider.

Cast cows (187) averaged 126.89p to 203.00ppk for a LimX from Carslae and to PS1450 for a CHX from Midlock. Dairy cows (37) averaged 90.81p and to 131.60ppk for a HOX from Claughlands, and to PS825 for a HFX from Drumbuie.

Bullocks: Up to 250kgs - Gateside PS620, West Muirhouses 259.90p; 251-300kgs - Gateside PS790, 287.30p; 301-350kgs - Bankhead PS880, 263.70p; 351-400kgs - Shenlarich PS950, 246.10p; 401-450kgs- Holmes PS1060, Shenlarich 239.20p; 451-500kgs - Drumlochy PS1090, 233.90p; 501-550kgs - Knockgerran PS1180, 221.70p; 551-600kgs - Victoria PS1190, 207.40p; 601-650kgs - Middleton PS1260, 201.30p.

Heifers: Up to 250kgs - Gateside PS595, 253.00p; 250-300kgs - West Muirhouses PS650, Sorn Mains 244.30p; 301-350kg - Gateside PS700, 213.40p; 351-400kgs - Riccarton PS840, Claughlands 229.50p; 401-450kgs - Holmes PS1010, 226.5p; 451-500kgs - Drumlochy PS1045, Gateside 216.40p; 501-550kgs - Drumlochy PS1065, 212.20p; 551-600kgs - Victoria PS1120, 198.60p.

Young bulls: Up to 250kg- Drumgrange PS600, 242.90p; 251-300kgs-Drumgrange PS790, 288.90p; 301-350kgs- Mollandhu PS750, East Greenhill 238.70p; 351-400kgs- Easter Greenhill PS850, 226.10p; 401-450kgs-Foot O Green PS760, 178.40p; 451-500kgs- Drumoider PS970, 211.80p. OTM cows: per head - Midlock (CH) PS1450; Upper Spittalton (Lim) PS1390; Lour Farms (Sim) PS1350; Wester Moffat (AA) PS1190; Kepculloch (BRB) PS1150; Langbank of Balhaldie (SD) PS1150. Per kg - Carslae (Lim) 203.00p; Lour Farms (Sim) 179.70p; Cultybraggan (AA) 176.40p; Midlock (CH) 175.10p; Kepculloch (BRB) 155.80p; Langbank of Balhaldie (SD) 137.20p. OTM bulls: per head- Jaw (Sim) PS1630; Newhouse of Glamis (CH) PS1410; Clatto (Lim) PS1070. Per kg - Newhouse of Glamis (CH) 170.70p; Jaw (Sim) 166.70p; Clatto (Lim) 137.20p.

UA also had forward 9960 store lambs and feeding sheep at the annual martinmas sale for BF lambs. Averages: BF - PS46.84 (+0.86p on the year); Suff PS53.16 (-PS6.23); Tex PS59.80 (-PS2.34); BTex PS69.83.

Leading prices: Mount Pleasant (Suff) PS78.00; Kilpatrick (Tex) PS78.00; Glencairn (Chev) PS74.00; Langfauld Steading (BTex) PS72.50; Rhodders (BF) PS70.00; Roro (BF) PS65.50; Kinpurney (BF) PS64.00; Auchnafree (BF) PS63.50; Duncroisk (BF) PS63.50.

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Publication:Stirling Observer (Stirling, Scotland)
Date:Dec 15, 2017
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