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[acute accent]Refusal[acute accent] Spreads to Gov[acute accent]t Workers, Reservists.


Government workers are beginning their own "refusal" movement to stop work during the planned expulsion of more than 8,500 Jews from their homes. Reservists also are finding ways to avoid serving.

Tel Aviv tax inspector Tamir Bergman has asked for a six-month leave of absence, on the grounds that his conscience does not allow him to serve the government. "Since it is not appropriate for a government worker to openly oppose a government decision and to demonstrate... I request leave of absence for the next half a year," Bergman wrote to his superiors.

He explained that his supervisor noted his lack of motivation and inability to work efficiently as a tax inspector. Bergman wrote that Israel is the "only country in the world that forbids Jews to live where they want in the country."

Many reservists who have been ordered to appear for duty this summer during the planned disengagement are finding ways to avoid the summons without actually refusing orders, a phenomenon known as "gray refusal. One Be'er Sheva resident said that he is ordering a plane ticket during the period the military expects him to serve: "They check my passport to see if I really left the country, so I will find the cheapest destination and tell the army that I have to be abroad."

Other soldiers have said they simply will report assorted illnesses. An enlisted soldier serving in the south near the Egyptian border reported that most of his company will not have enough motivation to carry out orders if they are assigned to facilitate the evacuation. He added that he knows of several left-wing soldiers, on the other hand, who "are waiting for the opportunity" to assist in evacuating Jews from the Gaza region. One army captain told Arutz-7, "The army does not know what is facing them. It will not be able to carry out the evacuation."

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Publication:Israel Faxx
Date:May 9, 2005
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