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[X.sub.2]O Health, LLC.

[X.sub.2]O LLC 101 Plaza Real South, Suite 212, Boca Raton, Fla. 33432

Phone: (866) 376-4920 Fax: (561) 347-5371

Key contacts: Dennis Purtell, senior vice president; Barry Ross, vice president of national accounts

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- The producer of Veromax continues to lead the charge to bring true science to the nutraceuticals industry.

The scientific mission began over a decade ago. Now, more than 50 human clinical research studies and millions of dollars have allowed the scientists of [X.sub.2]O LLC to do it once again.

The company launched Veromax in 1998. Veromax is the first and only scientifically proven, patented sexual-enhancement product to be distributed worldwide, says an [X.sub.2]O spokeswoman. More than 1 billion doses of the nitric oxide-enhancing formulation of Veromax have been consumed over the last decade, she adds.

Time-tested Veromax, the flagship nitric oxide product of [X.sub.2]O, has benefited more men and women of all ages than any other product in the category, the spokewoman points out. At the same time, she adds, the product has been found to improve quality of life, relationships and sexual performance. "Veromax is truly the sexual-enhancement brand that America trusts."

Nearly a decade later Veromax continues to demonstrate its efficacy and superior safety profile.

Veromax is the world's first patented over-the-counter healthcare product to improve blood flow (circulation), the spokeswoman says.

The technology is based upon ZF and NOS science. ZF and NOS stimulate nitric oxide production in a time- and dose-dependent fashion.

Improvement in nitric oxide levels has been one of the bases for the Nobel Prize in medicine. Simply put, an increase in nitric oxide levels dilates blood vessels --to the genitals, extremities, heart and brain.

Now [X.sub.2]O has partnered with the scientists responsible for the creation of Veromax to launch a sports nutrition and energy product.

[X.sub.2]O utilizes the XSES-1 scientific delivery system to provide individuals with two revolutionary, rapid-acting, safe and efficacious collections of products, according to the company spokeswoman.

Aging baby boomers with discretionary spending capability, coupled with the proven benefit of nitric oxide enhancement, have established a platform for the launch, she adds.

As a scientific leader in the nitric oxide nutraceutical category, [X.sub.2]O has attracted a notable corporate team.

Robert Dole has brought to the company decades of worldly experience, knowledge and wisdom. The former majority leader of the Senate has pro vided leadership, discipline and integrity.

Furthermore, the company understands the significance of the senior and Hispanic markets. [X.sub.2]O has recently added C.A. Pawela to its senior management team.

She has spent over a decade at United Health Care in positions including director of O-T-C health care products for its more than 35 million members.

In addition, Dr. Torrance Brown has joined the X20 scientific board, adding to its talent and experience.

[X.sub.2]O continues its dedication to the furtherance of science as it applies to the O-T-C nutraceuticals space.

Veromax and its professional staff allow [X.sub.2]O a unique opportunity to launch its exciting new sports nutrition and energy-based product lines.
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Title Annotation:Veromax
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Date:Oct 17, 2005
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