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[VIDEOS] Throwback Thursday: Top 10 Songs Turning 20 Years Old on 2014.

Today is a Thursday, which means it's Throwback Thursday once again. To usher the New Year, let's rewind to 20 years ago AKA the year 1994 -- back when Green Day is starting to make waves in the airwaves, boy bands are in their heyday, and Aaliyah was still alive *sob!*

Warning: these ten songs may cause major nostalgia and may remind listeners (especially the '90s babies) that they are getting older by the day.

1. I Swear by All 4 One

LSS-Inducing Lyrics: I swear / By the moon and the stars in the sky

The song that became the theme song of proposals and weddings around the world then and now, I Swear is from the self-titled album of the four-man group All 4 One.

2. Zombie by The Cranberries

LSS-Inducing Lyrics: What's in your head, in your head / Zombie, zombie, zombie, eh-eh-eh-eh

Way before The Walking Dead and even House of The Dead, there was already something made about zombies, albeit not entirely. Irish rock band The Cranberries dedicated the song to two boys who were killed in one of the bombings in Warrington in 1993.

3. Can You Feel The Love Tonight by Elton John

LSS-Inducing Lyrics: Can you feel the love tonight? / It is where we are / It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer / That we got this far

When Elton John was writing this song for The Lion King, he wanted the song to "express the lions' feelings for each other far better than dialogue could." The song just did that and more, as it won the Best Original Song from the Academy Awards in 1994.

4. All I Wanna Do by Sheryl Crow

LSS-Inducing Lyrics: All I wanna do is have some fun / Until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard

The lyrics of this catchy song by Sheryl Crow is actually a poem by Wyn Cooper, which Crow eventually adapted into a song.

5. Stay (I Missed You) by Lisa Loeb

LSS-Inducing Lyrics: And I thought what I felt was simple / And I thought that I don't belong / And now that I am leaving / Now I know that I did something wrong 'cause I missed you

Lisa Loeb revolutionized the talk-sing-talk song format in the '90s in this single which eventually ended up in her debut album Tails. Loeb was particularly proud of the music video for this song which was only done in one take.

6. I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders

LSS-Inducing Lyrics: When the night falls on you / You don't know what to do / Nothing you confess could make me love you less

Glee's version of this song may be well known at present, but before Finn Hudson dedicated this song to then-girlfriend Quinn Fabray, British-American band The Pretenders first made it popular. Carrie Underwood also recorded a version of the song for charity in 2007.

7. Turn the Beat Around by Gloria Estefan

LSS-Inducing Lyrics: Turn the beat around / Love to hear percussion

Gloria Estefan remade this song previously sung by Vicky Sue Robinson in 1976 and Laura Branigan in 1990. The song was also her first English-language song that made it to the Billboard charts.

8. Crazy by Aerosmith

LSS-Inducing Lyrics: I go crazy, crazy baby, I go crazy / You turn it on, then you're gone / Yeah, you drive me crazy, crazy, crazy for you baby / What can I do, honey? I feel like the color blue.

The world was introduced to Steven Tyler's beautiful daughter Liv in the video for this song, which also features Clueless star Alicia Silverstone.

9. Basket Case by Green Day

LSS-Inducing Lyrics: Sometimes I give myself the creeps / Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me / It all keeps adding up / I think I'm cracking up / Am I just paranoid?

Way before their popular albums American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown, Green Day sung about going through anxiety. It was written by the band's frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, who describes writing the song as "the only way I could know what the hell was going on."

10. Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg

LSS-Inducing Lyrics: Rollin' down the street smokin' indo' / Sippin' on gin and juice

Snoop Dogg pretty much describes himself and his life of sex, drugs and alcohol in this song from the album Doggystyle. Years later, Katy Perry lifted a part of the rap song for the song California Gurls which also features Snoop Dogg.
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