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[Premier.sup.TM] and [Infinity.sup.TM].

If you're looking for adjustability in a rest, you'll love the new Golden [Premier.sup.TM] and [Infinity.sup.TM] arrow rests from Golden Key-Futura. The Golden [Premier.sup.TM] features 9/16-inch vertical/horizontal micro adjustment and the [Infinity.sup.TM] allows for 1/2-inch adjustment. Both have ultra fine, 12-position spring adjustment with numerical adjustment wheels, and they also feature Golden Key's unique new Tuning Gauge, which according to the manufacturer, will permit archers to identify and correct a long list of inherent problems to accuracy. This year the innovative minds at Golden Key-Futura, Inc., have also introduced a new, highly advanced stabilizer using the vibration and noise reduction technology developed at Sims Vibration Labs. Golden Key's new Tranquilizer stabilizer is said to reduce the noise of a release up to 12dB and reduce vibrations up to 70 percent. The Tranquilizer is available in a variety of popular camo patterns.
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Author:Waring, Jeff
Date:Jan 1, 2000
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