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[CO.sub.2] pollution combined with starch to make packaging film.

Australian biopolymer producer Cardia Bioplastics has developed a means of blending carbon sourced from [CO.sub.2] emissions with starch, and is looking for an international partner to help it go further.

The company says it is able to capture [CO.sub.2] emissions, which would otherwise become pollutants, prior to them being released into the atmosphere. These pollutants are the transformed into a polypropylene carbonate (PPC) polymer and blended with starch. Cardia has made film from this combination and used it to produce a biodegradable carrier bag which it has branded [CO.sub.2]S.

Cardia Bioplastics plans to perfect the new technology by increasing the PPC content and the renewable resource component so that up to 60 per cent less virgin oil will be used, when compared to currently marketed biodegradable oil based products. It says manufacturing can easily be scaled up to meet commercial volumes with the aim of providing [CO.sub.2]S bags at prices below current compostable carrier bags.

Cardia will aim to achieve international compostability accreditation standards for [CO.sub.2]S arid is looking for a commercial partner with oil or gas wells, or refineries producing [CO.sub.2] emissions -- and says it is already in discussion with several interested parties.
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Title Annotation:sustainability
Comment:[CO.sub.2] pollution combined with starch to make packaging film.(sustainability)
Publication:British Plastics & Rubber
Date:Dec 1, 2010
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