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[7] Dear Jo: Readers' letters.

Honour Di this way

IN MAY last year we lost our beloved grandson Adam to leukaemia.

He was one week away from his twelfth birthday.

Fearing he would be forgotten, he asked his grandad for a summerhouse to be built on an island on the duck pond at St Mary's Hospital, Newport, where he spent a lot of time during treatment.

With his savings and donations from lovely people, some of whom had never met him, pounds 6,000 was raised and the summerhouse was built.

My point is that if ordinary people can do this in memory of a loved one, why can't something be done for Diana who was loved by millions?

Pauline Goff Cowes, Isle of Wight

A MEMORIAL plaque to Princess Diana was erected by Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council in our Queen's Park.

It was carved by a local funeral director and is situated near to a play area. We haven't forgotten her here in Crewe. Please continue with your campaign for a national memorial to her.

A Sheffield Crewe, Cheshire

THANK you to The Mirror for battling for the erection of a memorial to our Princess Diana.

However much the Royal Family tries to make us forget her they will never succeed for the simple fact we will never let them.

And if Prince Charles had behaved honourably from the start we would still have our Princess of Hearts.

T Long Chingford, SE London

I SAY yes to building a fitting memorial or park to our Princess Diana. A park with her name planted in flowers would be wonderful for people walking their dogs. You could then have a Hewitt corner for the dogs to relieve themselves. Then he'd get his just deserts.

A Roberts Llandudno, Gwynd

THE photographs you published of James

Hewitt and a rat were given the wrong heading (Dear Jo, Sept 10). Better than "Pet Wouldn't Rat on Diana" would have been "Dead Ringer".

J Armon Lowestoft, Suffolk

THERE was no mention of Diana in the The Mirror of September 7. More issues like it, please, as there are many readers who are sick and tired of reading about her.

R Chappell Chesterfield, Derbyshire

IF Charles wanted to keep Prince William away from drugs he should have sent him to comprehensive school. The kids there couldn't afford the kind of goings-on we hear about from his "posh" school.

W Blackman Address withheld
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 14, 1999
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